Travel memories inspire Marc Nelson's new beach resort

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Marc Nelson's new kiteboarding resort in Aklan is called Bahari, a Swahili word that simply means "beach."

As a known sports fanatic and beach lover, it was inevitable for Marc Nelson to get into the travel business and put up his own resort.

In a recent chat with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the Sports Unlimited host talked about his new kiteboarding beach resort on Nabas Island, Aklan, a mere 10 minutes away from Boracay Island.

In the past, Marc got involved with several entrepreneurial ventures, including investments in a frozen cocktail business called Loco Frio and a healthy soya chips brand called Soyami.

"So this is my first business venture completely on my own," he says.

So far, it has been quite a stressful journey for Marc.

"[It's] a lot more than I expected when I came up with the idea of doing it, and I’m very, very... I'm just doing this entirely on my own.

"I don’t have any partners so, I mean, [I think of] every little nitty gritty.

"So now, I’m trying to call some friends to help decorate the place, and called on artists to help me paint murals. I’m hiring staff.

"And I'm trying to figure out a menu on my own."

Marc's resort will be called Bahari, a Swahili word for "beach."

It is like an ode to his growing up years spent in East Africa.

Bahari, as Marc describes, is a very simple-looking resort, almost like going back to basics.

"It's a native style. It’s got a nipa roof. I wanna try and keep it looking harmonious with the surroundings, if possible.


"But there's also going to be a cement structure because of the strong winds there, so I want people to feel safe and secure and, you know, they’re not gonna get blown away or water would come in.

"Each room will have a different theme, theme of the countries that I’ve been to, because I love to travel, so I’m gonna find my passion there.

"I'm still trying to figure out which countries to choose.

"Right now, anyways, I lived in East Africa, so that [room] will be looking like a hut.

"And then Cuba, I was there last year and I actually fell in love with the place.

"The others, who knows, maybe I’ll have Italy or France, maybe Vietnam or Cambodia."

Of course, for the adventure-hungry traveler like Marc, Bahari will be offering a lot of activities that guests are bound to enjoy.

"People who are interested in kiteboarding and want to get away from the crowd from Boracay—and you know even the crowdiest day of Boracay would have been too ‘Bulabog’ and it’s very, very busy during the windy season—so people would come to where I am.

"People can come there and try out kiteboarding, and even during the low season we have waterboarding and snorkeling and a trip around the waterfalls in the area."

Marc plans to add more services and offerings in the future, but in the meantime, "It’s just a great excuse to get away from it all and go kiteboarding."


The resort is set to open any time this November.





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