Victor Aliwalas shares tips on shedding off “holiday fat”

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Victor Aliwalas shares three important rules in maintaining fitness and health: Always “hydrate,” “get as much sleep as possible, and avoid ‘yong masyadong maalat, masyadong mataba [na pagkain].”

Holidays are over, and you had a blast attending different parties and other gatherings.

So you welcome the year with your positive vibes and a few inches added to your waistline— then you fret.

The big question now is, how do you get rid of the weight you gained over the holidays? (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked model/actor Victor Aliwalas last January 6, about some of his tips on how to shed off the holiday fat.

LESS WHITE, MORE BROWN. Even after the holidays, Victor didn’t seem to gain weight.

But he couldn’t help but blurt out “Naku po!” when PEP asked how he got rid of the so-called “holiday fat.”

“Sa totoo ang kanya-kanya… depende talaga sa tao,” he says.

But the major thing he advises everyone, no matter what body type you may have, is to keep “hydrated.”

“Get as much sleep as possible, and avoid ‘yong masyadong maalat, masyadong mataba [na pagkain],” he adds.

Yet there’s one more thing that he thought everyone could try all-year round— get rid of the “white stuff” like white rice and white bread.

According to, brown rice and other high wheat products are preferred because of the better nutritional value a person gets from it.

Based on their study, white rice contains “242 calories, 4.4 g of protein, 53.2 g of carbohydrate and 0.4 g of fat.”

Compare that with brown rice where you get “218 calories, 4.5 g protein, 45.8 g carbohydrate and 1.6 g of fat,” which shows better nutritional value than white rice.


Brown rice also contains higher fiber which is essential for better digestion.

Still based on the same study, brown rice has “3.5 g of fiber” compared to white rice which only has “0.6 g of fiber.”

Though some people worry about the taste of these high-fiber foods, Victor declares, “Masarap din siya.”





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