Sam Milby and Paulo Avelino’s combined diet and exercise tips to kick-start a healthy 2013

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Which hottie goes for rock climbing and which one digs Muay Thai? Kapamilya actors Paulo Avelino and Sam Milby, stars of ABS-CBN’s new afternoon “kiligserye,” Kahit Konting Pagtingin, highly recommend learning a sport instead of working out at the gym.

For most people, the holidays are a perfect time to slack off on their workouts and indulge in sinful culinary delights.

After all, the common notion is that they can always burn off their unwanted 'holiday trimmings' when New Year comes around.

The problem is, such hasty resolutions never get them past the gym door. Always in search of a quick fix, most budding fitness enthusiasts tend to follow erratic workout schedules, which can actually do more harm than good.

Getting back into the fitness grind isn't as tough as it seems. As painstaking as it may sound, it's just a matter of finding that drive, and sticking to a workable schedule that suits your body's unique temperament. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked two of today’s hottest actors, Sam Milby and Paulo Avelino, for tips on how to jumpstart a workable battle plan for healthy living for the new year.

Despite their reputation as hot and sizzling onscreen hunks whose rocking bods have graced countless billboards and magazine covers, both Sam and Paulo feel hesitant about giving advice, as they themselves admit to being 'flawed' in their own ways.

With their hectic showbiz schedules and the recent yuletide bug to blame, both admit to having to give themselves that much-needed push to get themselves back into their workout groove.

Yes, they are only human after all.

SAM MILBY. “I have to eat my words because hindi pa ako nag-jump start ng fitness training ko!” said a slightly stumped Sam upon being asked.


Smilingly, he generously offered, “Ako diet lang. Kasi hindi ako nag-ji-gym, e.”

The two-time Men’s Health Philippines cover boy went on anyway with his first tip: “Get inspiration! Get a goal kung anong gusto mong… kung ilang pounds ang gusto mong i-lose.”

Secondly, the 30-year-old actor suggested getting a personal trainer, or if not, a fitness buddy: “Get someone who’ll be able to push you.

“Kasi pag mag-isa [ka,] it’s harder. Kung tamad ka mag-gym, yung ka-partner mo [sasabihin], ‘Sige na, punta ka na.’ [And] you’ll go.”

For his third tip, Sam acknowledged that getting past the rut is not easy, hence persistence is key.

“The hard thing with gym-ing and with diet is yung sanayan. Kailangan maging sanay.

“In the first week or two it’s hard because you’re not used to a diet, you’re not used to working out, your body’s not used to feeling the sores.

“But after you get over that, kumbaga yung hump of the diet or the gym-ing, mas madali, e.

“Nag-e-enjoy [ka] na. It becomes second nature.

“So, you just have to push yourself to get over that hump! And then after that, okay na.”

Sam implied how healthy living is serious business. For his fourth tip, the moreno superstud told, “Find time. I mean don’t say, ‘Okay, mag-ji-gym ako ngayon.

“Set the time, don’t just say I’m going to the gym today. Set the time if it’s this time in the morning or this time in the day, I’m going to work out at this time. Tapos punta ka.


Be specific on when and what you’re going to do.”

It’s all about discipline, Sam pointed out— “Disciplining yourself on what you eat.

“For me, diet ang pinaka-importante sa akin dahil wala akong time mag-work out.”

Sam shared that his diet consists of mostly protein and that he tries to avoid pasta, sweets, and soda as much as he can.

The actor added finally, “Find a certain sport or hobby that is physical that you like to do. Kasi dapat nage-enjoy ka sa exercise.”

Asked what workout he intends to focus on this year, Sam said he plans to get into the combat sport, Muay Thai, and do less of motocross, which he is known to have a passion for.

According to Sam, his commitment to his current project, the latest Kapamilya afternoon soap Kahit Konting Pagtingin, prevents him from indulging too much in motocross. Because of the high risks involved in the sport, he can't afford to injure himself and disrupt their regular taping schedule.

He explained, “I like physical fighting. Motocross pa rin, that’s my favorite sport, pero wala akong time ngayon.

“Medyo mapanganib, delikado, hindi puwede kasi pag may mangyari sa akin, e siyempre may taping, so mas okay pag Muay Thai.”

Isn't Muay Thai a dangerous sport as well?

Sam laughed off the notion. “Hindi rin, kasi it’s more sparring," he clarified.

“It’s just like throwing punches. But motocross, mababali talaga yung buto. Hindi makakalakad. Sa Muay Thai, konting bruises lang.”


PAULO AVELINO. Along with Paulo’s well-received portrayal of his psychotic character in the primetime hit, Walang Hanggan, comes the admiration of both men and women for his hale and robust bod.

Voted one of the ten leading 'centerfolds' during last year's Cosmo Bachelor Bash, the self-effacing hunk modestly waved off his “hottie” tag the moment PEP asked him to share his fitness regimen. Like most mortals, the Gawad Urian-winning actor has temporarily set aside his fitness routine to give in to the holiday feasts.

This 2013, however, he plans to get back into rock climbing, a sport he has grown to love. The 24-year-old superstud, who graced the cover of Men's Health Philippines magazine's November 2012 issue, goes rock climbing in Atimonan, Quezon, as well as in Cebu, Palawan, and Bulacan.

Paulo succintly shared his fitness principles: “Try to exercise as much as possible. That doesn’t necessarily mean working out. You can jog, you can find a sport, play badminton, or you can just walk with your dog.”

The actor likewise stressed the importance of resting— “Get enough sleep!”

Meanwhile, Paulo’s “super foods” include sweet potatoes and plaintain bananas. He suggested: “Try to eat healthy food! Kamote and saba! Yun yung dalawa sa favorite ko dahil may lasa na siya, e.”

As for the actor’s fourth fitness tip, hydrating is important: “Drink lots of water!

Lastly, Paulo included visiting one’s doctor for a general check-up. He pointed out that getting a physician’s assessment of one’s health is always best.


Despite his much-envied physique, Paulo admitted that he still has a long way to go in terms of sculpting his 'ideal' body. For one, he heeds other people's comments regarding his disproportional upper and lower body parts.

He laughed it off, saying, “Some people say hindi siya pantay sa upper body ko. I’m trying to improve it more.”





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