Warm Bodies star Teresa Palmer comes "alive" with good makeup

IMAGE Courtesy of Artistry

Teresa Palmer wears a daring black number by designer Philip Armstrong and makeup by Michelle Inglessis for Artistry.

If you haven’t seen the new zombie-comedy-romance flick Warm Bodies yet, then we suggest you check it out in a theater near you— but not after you read PEP, of course!

The talk-of-the-town Valentine movie, based on the young adult novel by Isaac Marion, is currently making a heartthrob out of lead actor Nicholas Hoult, and an It girl of leading lady Teresa Palmer.

A GLOWING TERESA. At the movie’s red carpet premiere, held at the Arclight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood on January 29, the 26-year-old Australian actress stunned onlookers in a revealing dress by designer Philip Armstrong.

Her face also glowed beautifully in lush makeup done professionally by artist Melani Inglessis for beauty brand Artistry.

Teresa, who is the brand’s global ambassador, wore subdued smoky eye makeup, with emphasis on the edges using kohl liquid eyeliner over the lids, delicate pencil at the bottom, and light mascara on the lashes.

Her brows were lightly defined by a wood-tone brown, which perfectly matched her mixed blonde and ash brown hair.

Her lips were stained with a pale pink hue, finished with a little gloss, and her cheeks flushed with a natural creamy cashmere tone.

Beneath it all, Teresa’s skin looked perfect with just a small amount of light foundation.

Her skin was already flawless to begin with, thanks to her daily pre-makeup regimen that involves the use of a product line called Youth Xtend, which boasts scientifically blended natural ingredients that fight aging, and repair and protect the skin.





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