YES! Exclusive: John Lloyd Cruz and Angelica Panganiban in their pursuit of happiness

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The YES! November issue cover has three exclusives: (1) A visit to Ogie, Regine and Baby Nate's home; (2) Angelica and John Lloyd's growing romance; (3) A visit to MVP's Hong Kong hilltop condo and office in that city's central business district.

ABS-CBN’s most bankable stars John Lloyd Cruz and Angelica Panganiban have kept the public speculating on their rumored romance. They still do.

Intriguing photos from Angelica’s Instagram account showing a photo collage of the couple spending time together—Angelica inside a Mercedes Benz, a gorgeous diamond ring, flowers and chocolates—have made the public ask what the real score is between the two big celebrities.

In its November 2012 issue, YES! magazine finally ends speculations in a nine-page article saying: “It’s them! They’re together!”

The exclusive story on John Lloyd and Angelica in the latest issue of YES! reveals the highs and lows of the couple’s romantic tale—from their respective breakups with their former sweethearts (Shaina Magdayao for John Lloyd and Derek Ramsay for Angelica), to their courtship, to their current not-officially-announced relationship.

Several reliable sources have told YES!: “Their temperament is a match."

"Where Shaina is a kid, Angel is a woman."


"JL needs somebody na sanay mag-alaga ng star... Angelica has had practice. Derek had an ego."

"Maganda magdala ng relasyon si JL. Alaga ang babae. Kahit maraming tao at malaking venue, nakatutok siya sa girl. That’s flattering for any girlfriend.”

In addition, YES! comes up with anecdotes and descriptions which back up its conclusion that the two very bankable stars of Star Magic are now an item.

OGIE, REGINE, BABY NATE. The bigger cover story for the YES! November issue is, of course, celebrity parents Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid giving YES! readers an exclusive tour around their posh, glass-enclosed Quezon City hilltop home.

“Regine really chose this place to be our home, where we will live for the rest of our lives,” Ogie, unarguably today's most prolific songwriter, says.

The Velasquez-Alcasid house is not just posh, it is spectacularly functional in its use of space. Regine is right; no area is just for display.


The house also makes the most creative use of glass windows, where every working area (anteroom, living room, dining, kitchen, workroom) has a view of the slim pool, landscaped clumps of bamboo and other foliage, and the golf course nearby. As Ogie puts it, the house is "just like us, everything's open!"

Wondrously, this golf course is within the edge of a bird sanctuary. So imagine the birds within sight!

The couple share the story of their friendship, which blossomed into a wonderful partnership, culminated in a grand wedding, and is now celebrated with baby Nate, who is turning one this November.

Also in the issue are exclusive pictures of the Singapore vacation which Ogie, Regine, and their baby took to meet up with Michelle van Eimeren, Ogie's first wife, and their two daughters.

Although Ogie, Regine and Michelle have gotten along tremendously well, their kids were meeting each other for the first time.


MANNY V. PANGILINAN. Also in this issue is MVP’s fifth home in Hong Kong.

The YES! team was welcomed to his upper-class apartment in Hong Kong, in a building on a millionaire's hill facing Victoria Harbour, as well as to his Hong Kong office at the Two Exchange Square building, where Juan Lunas and Hidalgos and other original paintings of Filipino masters lend patina to a thoroughly efficient work hub.

More than this, MVP—as Manny V. Pangilinan is known to all his associates—grants a two-hour interview to YES! editor-in-chief Jo-Ann Q. Maglipon in his PLDT office in Makati.

In the interview, he talks about growing up middle-class in schools like San Beda and Ateneo, where he is surrounded by children of the "DBF," or "de buena familia."

He talks about the uphill struggle to make it to the top of the business work world, the business decisions he got right, the decisions he still looks back at with regret, and his current fights to win the game.


The latter, of course, includes the very prominent investment in TV5, or the Kapatid Network, which is rumored to have bled by P4 to P5 billion last year.

Certainly, this month’s issue of the No. 1 Entertainment Magazine in the Philippines is packed with exclusive stories, which have all been made possible by YES!'s track record of accuracy and fairness.

Sources speak to YES! because the magazine gets it right and does it fair.

THE CYBERCRIME LAW. And here's an added twist: YES! publishes its very first "editorial opinion" feature, and it's about the Cybercrime Law.

This law would double the penalties on libel, so that even clicking "like" on a piece that someone charges as libelous can mean a jail term of six to 12 years.

This law also allows a special force of the NBI and PNP, under the Department of Justice, to monitor and track the traffic of any citizen's e-life: from emails to bank accounts to school records to church affiliations to dental documents.


And note: this special force does not need to go to court to get a warrant for any of this. A citizen's computer, discs, and other e-paraphernalia may be seized by this special force simply by getting the signature of the DOJ secretary.

During the Marcos martial law years, the scenario was the same: No court proceedings were needed to get anyone arrested, searched, or seized. The only thing needed was the signature of the defense minister—who was then Juan Ponce Enrile, a senator who has publicly declared the Cybercrime law to be "constitutional."

No wonder the law's opponents, which range from journalists to netizens to Amnesty International to other international human-rights groups, call this law the "e-martial law."

YES! has taken a stand against this law. Above the magazine's masthead is a band that goes: YES! Says No to the Cybercrime Law!

PEP has also, for everyone's information, taken this stand.


The magazine and the website are each other's affiliates on the platforms of print and cyberspace, and both believe that there can be no freedom of expression, thought, or speech with the Cybercrime Law in place.

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