VALENTINE SPECIAL: The lovelife of John Lloyd Cruz

For current girlfriend Angelica Panganiban, John Lloyd Cruz is the dreamboat who gives her happiness comparable to being in heaven. But for ladies like Kaye Abad, Krista Ranillo, Ciara Sotto, Liz Uy, Ruffa Gutierrez, and Shaina Magdayao, he is a love they once had...

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It’s the love month, and we’re bitten by the love bug!

In this special PEP feature for hearts’ day, we look back at the colorful lovelife of perennial rom-com leading man John Lloyd Cruz.

He is currently dating his fellow Kapamilya actress Angelica Panganiban; but before her, John Lloyd has dated— or was romantically linked— to several other female stars.

KAYE ABAD. It was 1999 when John Lloyd Cruz starred in his first regular show, Tabing Ilog— a weekly series that involved an ensemble cast of teenage actors.

The roster included actress Kaye Abad, who played Eds, the love interest of John Lloyd’s character Rovic.

The story of Eds and Rovic would have teenagers glued to the television every Sunday afternoon, swooning over every romantic moment the two shared onscreen.

Off camera, John Lloyd and Kaye would also find themselves swooning over each other, and later developed a love story of their own.

However, at 16 (John Lloyd) and 17 years old (Kaye), their “puppy love” would not last very long.

They ended whatever beautiful song they were playing even before the show ended in 2003.

Since then, Kaye would be in a relationship with Parokya Ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda for seven years.

She is reportedly single nowadays, but continues to be linked to her Precious Hearts Romances loveteam partner Guji Lorenzana, who has publicly expressed that he “likes” the actress.

KRISTA RANILLO. It was not until 2008 that John Lloyd would finally open up about his past relationship with actress Krista Ranillo.


At that time, Krista was trying to make her way back into showbiz after going on hiatus to finish her studies.

In an August 2008 interview, Krista revealed her brief romance with Lloydie, which happened sometime around late 2002 or early 2003.

"Ah, kasi kasama niya ang daddy ko sa Tabing Ilog,” pertaining to her father, actor Matt Ranillo III.

“Daddy ko is daddy nung someone sa Tabing Ilog. Nakalimutan ko na kung sino... Kaye Abad ‘ata.

"‘Tapos si Kaye naman, childhood friend ko rin kasi daddy ko at daddy niya, magbarkada.

"Siguro mga four months niya akong niligawan. ‘Tapos naging kami for three months.

“‘Tapos pumunta ako ng Amerika. Kaya kami nagkahiwalay kasi pumunta ako sa States noon.

“‘Tapos nag-message pa nga siya sa The Buzz na ‘I miss you,' ganyan-ganyan. ‘Tapos hindi na lang kami nag-usap. Weird nga, e."

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Since then, Krista has moved on to other relationships. She’s been involved with the likes of Gabby Eigenmann, Cogie Domingo, director Dominic Zapata, and even many Pacquiao.

Krista is now happily married to US-based businessman Jefferson Lim. They have two children.

CIARA SOTTO. It can be said that actress Ciara Sotto is John Lloyd’s first “serious” girlfriend. Their two-year relationship was hounded by a lot of controversies back in the day.

Their on-and-off affair was always the talk of the town, having such highlights as Ciara’s false suicide attempt (which turned out to be an accidental overdose of legally prescribed sleeping pills), and rumors of John Lloyd having an affair with actress Jean Garcia, which was never confirmed.


It was also said that the couple found it hard to deal with an alleged “directive” from management that John Lloyd should “steer clear” of his real-life girlfriend, as he and Bea Alonzo were being developed then as a loveteam.

This was written in an article published by entertainment editor Ricky Lo on his July 5, 2003 column for The Philippine Star.

On several accounts, however, it is said that Ciara finally called it quits in 2005, citing John Lloyd’s “misbehaviors” as the reason for her to get “tired” of the relationship.

These “misbehaviors” would later on be identified as the actor’s alleged problem with excessive and uncontrollable drinking.

But while things did not go— and end— so well between John Lloyd and Ciara, the actor only had good words to say about his ex-girlfriend.

In an interview with the actor in 2010, for his movie My Amnesia Girl, he said that he’d rather look at the bright side of things and simply cherish the good memories from the relationship.

Ciara is now happily married to non-showbiz guy Joe Oconer.

BEA ALONZO. The loveteam of John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo made such huge fans out of the entire country, that their performance in every movie and TV projects was deemed too realistic for show.

While many speculated that something deeper was going on between the two off camera, they were very honest and consistent in claiming that they never actually hit it off romantically.

In fact, Bea revealed on the show Gandang Gabi Vice last year, while promoting the movie The Mistress, that she and John Lloyd were never really friends and that they only became close in recent years.


Bea is currently in a relationship with actor Zanjoe Marudo.

LIZ UY. John Lloyd’s streak of relationships would continue in 2005, when he met celebrity fashion stylist Liz Uy, his “magical” girlfriend.

He told the story of how he met Liz, then only a budding fashion editor for Preview, in the September 2011 issue of YES! magazine.

He tells of seeing Liz for the first time at the Hong Kong International Airport, then again at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, where he assumed she was Japanese because of her chinky eyes.

It wouldn’t be long until the two would finally meet, and— as the cliché goes— the rest would be history.

Neither John Lloyd nor Liz had ever gone public about what happened— and what went wrong— in their relationship, except for the fact that they dated for about three and a half years.

However, the two remain friends up to this day, and only have good words to say about each other.

After John Lloyd, Liz has been linked to President Noynoy Aquino, and jut recently and briefly to former Eraserheads frontman Ely Buendia.

CARMEN SOO. Although what John Lloyd and Malaysian actress Carmen Soo had was nothing close to romantic, it cannot be completely ignored as they caused quite a stir with the media, albeit briefly, in 2008.

"It was totally innocent," said Carmen when she asked in an interview about her “lunch date” with John Lloyd.

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Carmen explained that it was a spontaneous meeting with a female friend from ABS-CBN, that originally did not even include John Lloyd.


"I was actually catching up with my shopping, buying some stuff, since I'm already leaving [for Malaysia] that night.

“And then [a friend from ABS-CBN] said they haven't had lunch.

“'Okay, let's have lunch,' I said. And she happens to be with him [John Lloyd].

“I didn't know that until I saw her. She asked if I'm sure it's gonna be okay. I said, ‘Yeah.’”

Carmen has since been linked to director Lino Cayetano in 2010. To this day, the two remain tight-lipped about their supposed romance.

SARAH GERONIMO. Somewhere between the making of the movies A Very Special Love (2008) and You Changed My Life (2009), there have been whispers about an off-screen romance brewing between John Lloyd and his co-star Sarah Geronimo.

Although some claimed it was all just for “promo,” these whispers grew louder after Sarah reportedly snubbed John Lloyd in a July 2009 episode of ASAP.

This “snubbing incident” became quite controversial because of rumors flying around that John Lloyd had promised Sarah he would woo her in the future if she could wait.

Sarah herself denied all this, saying, “Kasi nasa part yun ng personality ko po na naiilang.

"Halimbawa, kahit na close na kami, pero kapag nagkita kami, minsan may ilangan talaga na nangyayari.

"Kasi it's been a while since the last time we worked together.'Yong shoot medyo matagal na rin 'yon.

“Sabi nga niya [John Lloyd], kahit magkakapamilya nga, kung matagal na hindi nagkita, matagal na hindi nagkakausap, even sa mga kaibigan nagkakaroon ng pagkakailanganan.


“Pero sabi ko nga nawawala rin 'yon, ngayon wala na."

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John Lloyd also blasted the “promise” rumors by saying in an interview with boy Abunda, "That's not true. Hindi mo iyon sinasabi o pinapangako sa isang babae.

“Ano, mag-aantay ka diyan? After four or five years. Hindi mo naman alam ano mangyayari, e. Hindi ito totoo.

“Mataas ang respeto natin sa katotohanan at gusto ko lang siya iwanan na may respeto sa kanya at sa magulang niya.

"Kung ano man ang importanteng katotohanan, e, sapat na na alam niya at alam ko ang katotohanan. Okay kami, wala akong problema."

And, as John Lloyd and Sarah themselves have said, all’s well that ends well.

In fact, they are currently filming the third installment of their movie titled It Takes A Man And A Woman.

Sarah has been linked to Rayver Cruz and Gerald Anderson.

RUFFA GUTIERREZ. After John Lloyd’s mystical affair with Liz Uy in 2009, he moves on to another relationship with former beauty queen and actress Ruffa Gutierrez.

The two met on the set of I Love Betty La Fea in 2008, where John Lloyd, again, played the leading man, Armando, to Bea Alonzo’s Betty.

Ruffa would play the arch nemesis Daniella.

Though they were together on the show for more than a year, they would only begin dating in 2009, without the public even knowing about it.

In a tell-all interview in TV5’s Paparazzi on November 6, 2011, Ruffa detailed the accounts of this relationship.


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Like Ciara before her, Ruffa claimed she personally encountered John Lloyd’s alleged drinking problem, and even said that, "Alam mo yung pagiging babaero niya, siguro second na lang iyon, e.

"Pero let's first go to the problem na sinabi niya sa akin na ayun, 'Hindi mo magugustuhan pag nakilala mo na ako,' and I said, 'Ano iyon?'

"Then sinabi nga niya sa akin na 'I drink a lot, hapon pa lang minsan umiinom na ako.'

"And of course coming from a relationship so volatile [and] abusive, ang sagot ko sa kanya, 'You can drink all you want till you turn blue, I don't care.'

"Pero naging problema yun, kasi there were times na we would go out, bigla na lang siya nakakatulog.

"Binubuhat siya palabas ng club, siyempre nahihiya naman ako. So that was our main problem.

"Kasi para sa akin, if there's another girl, okay, I don't even wanna be with you anymore. I don't wanna force anyone who doesn't wanna be with me."

Before the year was over, John Lloyd’s relationship with Ruffa would go kaput, still without the public knowing about it.

Until such time, in 2010, when it all gets revealed in a media saga involving a certain “love triangle.”

After John Lloyd, Ruffa has remained single, but was reported to have dated a Brazilian businessman for a time.

SHAINA MAGDAYAO. The "third party" in the aforementioned Ruffa-John Lloyd breakup story was Kapamilya actress Shaina Magdayao.


In 2010, John Lloyd gushed to the media about finding new love in his fellow Star Magic talent.

In an interview with Boy Abunda on The Buzz, John Lloyd said, “"Once and for all, gusto ko sabihin at sagutin na, yes, it's us.”

Though they were together for two years, love was never smooth sailing for the couple, as they were hounded with controversies from the start.

In the beginning, Shaina was accused of harassing John Lloyd’s ex, Ruffa, who claimed that Shaina would call and text her in the middle of the night.

There was also that nasty gossip about the couple being rushed to a hospital due to a serious physical condition.

Apart from that, several reports of them fighting or breaking up would surface the media from time to time, which the couple would always deny in their interviews.

While they faced every trial in their relationship hand-in-hand, John Lloyd and Shaina would choose to end their relationship two years later.

While they never clearly spoke about the reason behind their breakup, neither of them spite each other publicly in any of their interviews.

Shaina remains single to this day, although there are reports that she is being wooed by actor Sam Milby.

She was also briefly linked to Piolo Pascual and Diether Ocampo after dating John Lloyd.

ANGELICA PANGANIBAN. And so it all boils down to Angelica Panganiban, who is John Lloyd’s current lady love.

The two met on the set of the episodic movie 24/7 In Love, which— at least for their scenes— was partly shot in Vietnam.


It was reported that the two actors instantly hit it off on set, but they were quick to slam talks of problems within their respective relationships.

At that time, John Lloyd was still with Shaina, and Angelica was going on her sixth year with Derek Ramsay.

But it wasn't long before the two finally broke off from their partners and came out clean as a couple.

Remember that “Perfect Sunday” photo collage posted on Angelica's Instagram account that started it all?

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In her latest interview on The Buzz, on February 3, Angelica was quoted as saying that she is extremely happy with her current relationship with John Lloyd.

She even described the feeling as being “next to God.”

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John Lloyd and Angelica will be celebrating their first anniversary later this year.

And in the spirit of love and Valentine’s Day, we wish the couple the best and may they live happily (together) ever after!

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