Andi Eigenmann is thrilled when Jake Ejercito talks about her; says she is "masaya"

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At the Lee Jeans fashion show featuring its "night skins" collection, Andi Eigenmann walked the ramp for the first time. She exclaimed, "Feel na feel ko nga, kahit na hindi ko sila ka-size, ka-length, and ka-width. At least, nakibagay ako, di ba."

Andi Eigenmann has, indeed, successfully turned the tables.

Around the same month last year, she could barely walk because of her pregnancy.

But last night, October 26, she led the throng of models that paraded the “night skins” collection of Lee Jeans at the atrium of MOA Arena.

It was a first for the Kapamilya star—whose preparation for her first ramp modeling stint is: “Hindi ako uminom ng tubig.”

Of the experience, she exclaims, “Feel na feel ko nga kahit na hindi ko sila ka-size, ka-length, and ka-width. At least nakibagay ako, di ba. Bongga!”

Did she hear the boys screaming her name?

Smiling, she replies, “Puro boys talaga? Na-surprise ako. Sobra akong kinikilig. I’m really excited. It’s high time of my life because it’s my first time to be a part of the fashion week and the modeling industry, in to model period… In a catwalk like that na parang as a model ako, sobrang poise!


She admits to feeling nervous at first, “pero pakapalan na lang ng mukha… kahit maliit.”

And someday, Andi says, she hopes that baby Ellie would experience the same thing.

“Sana yung daughter maging model, kasi ako height, di aabot, e, kaya sobrang frustration ko…”

A SECRET AFFAIR. The topic shifted to her movie with Derek Ramsay and Anne Curtis.

According to her, its first day of showing raked in about “20 million.”

She remarks, “Sobrang saya ko! I mean, hindi ako makapaniwala na nakabilang ako sa ganyang pelikula, na ganyan kalakas yung bentahan sa mga tao.

“[Nung] nalaman po ng mga tao ay pinupuntahan talaga siya, and I heard sold-out na po yung mga tickets sa mga cinemas for the past days.

“Now… that’s awesome!”

What can she say about people comparing her acting with Anne’s? Some critics, according to a TV5 reporter, actually found her portrayal “more effective.”


Andi quickly throws in, “In my opinion, Anne Curtis is Anne Curtis. She’s is beautiful inside and out. Oh, no, that’s impossible…

“Siyempre po, nagpapasalamat po ako, kasi I think isa sa mga to be thankful about— like, for me, never ko naman in-expect na may magsabi nun…”

But setting the comparison aside, Andi says it’s more important to dwell on the thought that viewers appreciated the “the hard work I put into it.”

Her character in the film is very daring. Could this be the beginning of more “sexy” projects in the future?

The 22-year-old actress replies, “Kung may ipapakita, bakit hindi?

“For me it’s not about that, e. For me, I did A Secret Affair, portrayed the role as well as I did.

“Parang I’m not bound to dictate where my career will go, where I will go… I am not bound to say na puro ito lang ang gagawin…


"I have accepted Secret Affair because it’s a good project. It’s a good film and it’s a challenge to do something [like that].

“… Hindi po ako nag-hesitate na tanggapin yung A Secret Affair kahit na mahirap siya and first time ko gumawa ng ganung role. Kasi po, I want to grow as an actress po. I want people to understand what I do and what I want to show them.

“I’m here in the industry not to get famous. Parang siguro, po, kasama na lang iyon... I’m here in the industry dahil gusto kong i-pursue yung passion ko, gusto kong mag-entertain ng tao.”

And it seems to have been a good decision. Most of the showbiz press present at the event say that the movie created this buzz for her comeback.

Nodding, Andi resumes, “Yes, po, and I cannot thank the Lord enough for the blessing that I’ve been receiving.


“And kahit ano, kahit na ano pong nangyari, never po ako nawalan ng project. Tinatanggap pa rin po ako ng mga tao, kaya nagpapasalamat pa ako sa suporta ng lahat kasi gustung-gusto ko ito na makabalik sa industry, giving more… that I’ll be even be more a better person, a better actress, than I was before.

“So, nagpapasalamat po talaga ako sa mga tao na hindi nila ako jinudge ng negative.

“Hindi ko naman ini-expect na ganito yung blessing na dumating sa aking buhay, pero pare-parehas po silang nagandahan kaya sobrang nagpapasalamat po talaga ako.”

ELLI IS TURNING ONE. But if she has her way, Andi doesn’t want daughter Ellie to know what she does in the reel world.

Even her role in the film, “hindi ko ipagmamalaki,” she says, before underscoring, “I don’t wanna encourage her.

“Parang I’m not gonna hurt her also… Hindi naman niya kailangan malaman ano ako, aside [from] being her mother.


“That’s so important to me.”

Adrianna Gabrielle—who was born on November 23, 2011—will be celebrating her first birthday on November 25, which will also serve as the baby’s dedication.

As early as now, Andi has been preparing for her baby’s “Alice in Wonderland” party, which is going to be “bongga,” she announces happily.

HAPPY ANDI. And how does love figure in her life?

The bubbly lady smiles, but keeps herself from saying too much.

Initially, she just describes her life as "masaya."

Then she adds, “I am not a liar, everyone knows that. Basta I’m happy.”

She giggles when TV Patrol’s Mario Dumaual tells her something that Jake Estrada, her rumored boyfriend, supposedly said about her.

“Sinabi niya ‘yon?” she asks excitedly.

She then starts talking more about Jake.

“He’s really special to me, po… Pero para sa akin, if we’re meant to be, then we’re meant to be.


"And para sa akin, seryoso na if… when the time comes na I will end up with a guy like him, ipagpapatuloy niya ‘yong dream ko being a princess and him being a prince.

“But, you know, we’re good friends.

“But, you know, hindi pa kami nagpipilit sa mga bagay na hindi naman puwede…”

Last year, she had to take a hiatus from showbiz because of her pregnancy. She had to face the issue of having a baby without getting support from the dad who has never publicly admitted he is the father.

Things are much, much different now—her career is doing well, her beautiful baby is healthy, and her lovelife is “masaya.”

Can she say that the rainy days are over?

“Well, for me, parang po hindi ko puweding masabi na parang hindi na uulan ulit. Dahil, di ba, for every rain, there comes a rainbow?

“So, I don’t want to say na hindi na sa akin ang rainy day again.


“But I’ll be ready for next time that it comes.”

And when it does, Andi says: “I will keep my head high and stay strong.”





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