Kris Aquino looks for a house as personal gift for her 42nd birthday

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“The way the economy is going, na sobrang nag-a-appreciate ang property value, kung hindi ako bumili ngayon, hindi na ako makakabili,” Kris Aquino explains why she wants to buy real estate soon.

TV host-actress Kris Aquino did not wish for anything material for her birthday, instead, she hopes to buy a house for her son Josh soon.

In an interview during the press conference of Pilipinas Got Talent last week, the Kris TV host related to the media, “Josh really wants [a house]. Si Bimbs okay na [sa condominium], si Josh talaga ‘yong, ‘Mama let’s have a house.’

“Kasi nga mas fit siya. Gusto niya to be in a village kasi he jogs, bikes, and all. So, pinag-iipunan ko for them.”

In another interview, after her morning talk show yesterday, February 18, she reiterated, “I promised myself kasi na whatever happens, Josh has a house.

“So, kahit ano’ng mangyari later, he can sell it, rent it out, kanyang-kanya talaga.”

RIGHT TIME TO BUY PROPERTY. Kris previously said that she found a house that she really wanted but her talent manager, Boy Abunda, advised her to delay her plan to buy it.

She told the media, “Honestly, may tinitingnan akong bahay. Pero ano kasi, ayaw kong umutang so, I ran it through Boy.

“Medyo kinontra pa ni Boy.

“Sabi niya, ‘I’ll allow you if you close two more deals.’

“Kasi ayaw niya na ‘yong savings [ang gamitin].

“Feeling daw niya na bahay ‘yon, okay daw. Pero feeling niya ang mahal.”

Aside from her son’s wish to live in a house, Kris was also influenced by her sisters, who always tell her that her job on television may not be forever.


“That’s why they’re so insistent on that house,” said Kris last Monday.

“Sinabi nila kasi na, ‘‘Yong appreciation with real estate is not at par with dollar placement, stock placement. Please now, bumili na.’

Sabi ko, ‘Okay!’

She also figured, “The way the economy is going, na sobrang nag-a-appreciate ang property value, kung hindi ako bumili ngayon, hindi na ako makakabili.

“Outrageous na ang mga presyo!

“Sabi ko nga, kung two years ago bumili ako in Makati, plus 40 percent na sana ngayon [ang value].”

OBSESSIONS. During the show, Kris also mentioned that another reason for finding a land property is her obsession with mango trees.

To show that she’s really serious about it, she told her guests—Iza Calzado, Bianca Gonzalez, and Lucy Torres-Gomez—about her recent out-of-town trips for Kris TV.

“Totoo talaga na my goal is [buying a house] now because I'm obsessed with having a mango tree.

“Umikot kami. Ang dami kong nakitang trees sa GenSan, sa Tagaytay.

“Sabi ko it's beautiful to have fruit trees.”

Apart from having fruit trees, Kris also dreams of having a good spacious kitchen, which is impossible if one lives in a condominium unit.

She then talked about the kitchen of actress Helen Gamboa, who, like Kris, loves cooking.

“Meron na talaga akong pini-picture sa mind ko na ito ang gusto kong mangyari ‘yong kitchen namin na nakita namin, ‘yong kay Tita Helen.

“Oh my God, I keep dreaming of her kitchen!

“The setup is just my dream!


“Talagang sabi ko, ‘Wow, I can stay inside this kitchen forever.’”





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