Enchong Dee and Bea Alonzo are getting ready for summer

Enchong Dee and Bea Alonzo agree that people should not be afraid to try non-invasive treatments to help improve their skin and body. Enchong says, "Just remember that it’s already 2013— a lot of things are happening, a lot of things are changing— you just have to be open with it.”

The last few days of February are upon us. Pretty soon the air will be warmer, and next thing we know, it’s already summer!

This season spells the trend of wearing sexy resort wear, of course… but is your body prepared to deal with that?

If you ask actors Enchong Dee and Bea Alonzo, they can definitely answer this question with a big yes.

They have been preparing for the hot season since November, when they signed up as endorsers of Skin Expert, the newest skin-care clinic by Bench.

From clothing to accessories, fragrances and home essentials, the brand has expanded its reach, venturing now into the beauty industry.

Enchong and Bea were at the formal opening of the clinic’s first branch at the Ascott Hotel in Makati City on February 7.

Its location on the hotel’s second level, is strategically positioned right across the brand’s other subsidiary, the Bench Fix hair salon.

Bea says, “Parang one-stop shop na siya kasi there’s the salon, the Bench Fix Salon there [opposite side], then Skin Expert.

“Siyempre, parang masarap na one day magpapagawa ka ng hair, and then after that iyong mga necessary treatments na kailangan mo rin, di ba”

“So, it’s the perfect way to treat yourself, to pamper yourself.”

HAIR-FREE AND FAT-FREE SUMMER. To treat and pamper herself, Bea visits the clinic at least every month.

As endorser, she has tried a variety of treatments offered by the clinic, but her favorite by far is a hair removal treatment called Infralight.


“Iyon siguro iyong pinaka-ire-recommend ko, lalo na ngayon magsa-summer na.

“Lahat naman tayo, especially iyong mga girls, problema iyan, di ba?

“Ayaw natin ng mga chicken skin, ayaw natin ng bumps sa certain areas na kailangan walang hair, lalo na pag magsi-swimsuit ka when you’re gonna go to the beach.

“Ito, painless way to remove the hair, tapos, ano talaga, sobrang fast lang iyong treatment.”

On his part, Enchong frequents the place as often as he can to do a non-invasive fat-reducing procedure.

“I get the Maxi Sculpt for my lower tummy.

“Ako kasi, ang pinakamahirap— para sa akin, ha, personally— ang pinakamahirap is to burn the fat sa lower tummy.”

Although the thought of Enchong having fat in his body is quite hard to believe, he explains that he really does need to get these treatments done to maintain his figure.

“Mahirap kasi sa amin, e, with our schedule, kasi limited lang iyong puwede naming gawin na activity,” he says, referring to exercise.

“So, iyong gano’ng treatment sa Skin Expert, ang laking tulong for me.”

ADVICE FOR SKEPTICS. While celebrity endorsers help skin-care establishments attract customers, it isn’t a secret that many Filipinos are still afraid to try non-invasive treatments.

What advice can Bea and Enchong give to those people?

“Alam mo, kanya-kanyang opinion naman iyan, pero I think there’s really no harm in trying these treatments.

“Kami kasi, kailangan ito sa trabaho namin, but for those people na wala sa showbiz, I’m sure they want to improve themselves din naman in order to have greater confidence.


“Kasi there are certain areas of your body na hindi mo talaga kayang gawan ng paraan through exercise or through, like, mga home remedies.

“Like iyong sinasabi ni Enchong na to get rid of the unwanted fat or iyong sinasabi ko na Infralight, itong mga bagay na ‘to really needs help.

“Para sa akin, parang it's better to try these things para ma-improve iyong confidence mo, kaysa naman wala kang gagawin, and you’ll feel so insecure about these things.”

Enchong also has something to say to men who still think that being conscious about their looks is “unmanly”.

“Siguro, ano, just remember that it’s already 2013— a lot of things are happening, a lot of things are changing— you just have to be open with it.”





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