Rhian Ramos advises girls not to go heavy on makeup

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Rhian Ramos is one celebrity who'd rather be caught wearing no makeup at all. She says, “I can live every day with just three things— an eyebrow pencil, an eyeliner pen, and concealer.”

Putting on makeup is essential for celebrities, especially for actresses.

Makeup enlivens their appearance and even defines their character in a show.

That’s why most celebs learn how to apply their own makeup, and they’re always ready even if a makeup artist is not around.

How to apply makeup takes time, as Rhian Ramos learned while observing her makeup artists’ styles.

“Natutunan ko siya kasi ‘yong ginagawa sa akin ng mga makeup artist,” the Kapuso actress said when PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) interviewed her last February 23 in Baguio City.

“Tapos kapag may isa akong nagustuhan, parang napansin ko na, ‘Ay, itong makeup artist na ‘to magaling sa kilay,’ gagayahin ko ‘yong style, parang gano’n.”

PEOPLE’S COMMENTS. She didn’t learn only from her makeup artists, she also listened to other people’s comments.

“May nagsabi kasi sa akin na mataray ang mukha ko!” she said, laughing.

“No’ng nag-start kasi ako, ‘yon ang lagi kong nakukuha [na comment], mataray daw ang mukha ko.

“So tinignan ko ‘yong mukha ko sa mirror, iniisip ko, ‘Ano ba ‘yong nagpapataray sa face?’ so nakita ko na mataas ang kilay ko. So kinakapalan ko siya.

“I made it thick. So parang mas bushy, mas bushy kasi mas high school tignan, e.”

HIGHLIGHT YOUR ASSETS. One thing Rhian always keeps in mind about makeup is, “to highlight what you like about yourself and hide the things that you don’t like.”

That’s why when working on her look, Rhian highlights her eyes— which she believes is her asset.

“Kasi I have good eyelashes,” Rhian says.

“So I make it even bigger. Parang that’s one thing I like about myself, so I make it bigger.

“I like putting on a lot of eye liner, it draws attention kasi sa eyes, e.”


But one trivia that the Indio cast shared: “You’ll know that I might not be feeling good that day if I’m wearing a lot of makeup.

“Kasi feeling ko it’s a way to conceal what I feel.

“Kasi parang you always look and feel great pag you know na, ‘Ay, maganda ako today,’ parang it’s a way of cheering myself up.”

DON’T GO HEAVY. Rhian said she “can live every day with just three things— an eyebrow pencil, an eyeliner pen, and concealer.”

She doesn’t want to “go heavy” when applying make up, and she gives the same advice to girls out there.

Rhian explained, “Kasi I feel na when they go heavy, parang you don’t want to be one with those people na no one knows how you look like underneath that.”

In other words, simplicity is beauty!





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