SUMMER BEAUTY: Sunblock your way through summer

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(Clockwise from top left) What do Anne Curtis, Kris Aquino, Divine Lee, Bea Alonzo, Zanjoe Marudo, and Joey Mead have in common? Healthy skin— thanks to their daily regimen of sunblock.

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Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsay have already mentioned the importance of wearing sunblock everyday— whether you’re on the beach or in the city.

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This summer, most especially because the days have become warmer and hotter, this one tiny step in your daily beauty regimen MUST move up to top priority.

And with high priority comes being finicky about the types of products you use.

As with any other beauty or skincare product, the trick is always to find the right one that matches your skin type, personality, and lifestyle.

FOR THE FACE. Your sun protection regimen does not end with just one application of sunblock.

In fact, there are different varieties of products made for different skin types and activities.

If you noticed, sunscreens have different SPF counts that you can alternately use for specific situations.

Usually for daily use, an SPF 15 cream is recommended for the face.

The Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 day cream is preferred by the likes of actress-host Kris Aquino for her daily upkeep.

Aside from UV protection, it is also infused with antioxidants like Vitamin E and C, which provide radical defense against skin aging and make a good base for day makeup.

On the beach, cosmetics are not exactly necessary. But if you’re the type who just can’t leave the house without makeup, then Clinique’s Super City Block might do wonders for you.

It has a remarkably sheer and weightless formula, and has varieties of SPF25 and SPF40 for ultimate sun protection.

Model and TV host Joey Mead swears by the SPF40 variant.

When applied, it leaves a natural tint that gives the face a smooth, even tone. It is a great alternative for foundation, since makeup could get really icky and messy when you begin to sweat under the heat of the sun.


FOR THE BODY. The Belo SunExpert Transparent Mist, used by Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsay, has SPF50 and surpasses the recommended minimum of SPF45 when out on the beach.

TV5 host Divine Lee also takes care of the skin on her body, just as she does for her face. Her go-to name is Nivea Sun.

The brand is known to have a wide range of sun-protection products both for adults and children.

Their varieties include the classic lotion types, cream-based fluids with whitening and anti-wrinkle components, spray-on body mists, tanning oil infused with Jojoba for moisturizing, and a refreshing after-sun cooling spray.

Cooling sprays are used on skin after sun exposure. It quickly soothes baked skin and relieves you of that irritating stingy sensation after showering and putting on your clothes.

THE IMPORTANCE OF MOISTURIZING. It is a common misconception among most people that once the sun is gone, your sun-protection regimen also stops.

Actually, it is far more important to “cool down” and re-hydrate to help your skin regain all the lost nutrients and moisture due to heat and UV exposure.

After achieving your tan, your next goal is to keep it moisturized so it won’t crack and peel in the most unflattering ways. (You don’t want to start looking like a map now, don’t you?)

WEAR YOUR TAN LONGER. To keep your tan glowing longer, especially for those on the fairer side, a little help from products taken orally may be able to help.

US brand Heliocare recently introduced its line of products in the Philippines, which includes sunscreen lotions and gels, as well as the Heliocare Bronze capsules.

These capsules— recommended to be taken once daily in 15 days before sun exposure and during the days of exposure— allow you to accelerate your skin’s tanning process, therefore keeping it longer.


The capsules contain an ingredient called Fernblock, which is an antioxidant with properties that provide protection against sun damage.





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