Everyday Escape with Martin Nievera

IMAGE Kaye Estoista-Koo

Martin Nievera appeared as a "surprise" guest at the end of the Electrolux Launch and Lounge Party with the theme Everday Escape.

A cabana, a villa, and a beach area in Shangri-La?

Yup, that was how Electrolux launched its new models of appliances last April 17, with no less than Martin Nievera incorporating the brand's tag line and product's features into his songs and spiels.

His repertoire included "Be My Lady," "How Can I Go On," "Forever In My Heart," "This Is The Moment," "The Right Track," and "After All"— which all became part of his 30 years in showbiz.

The Concert King said, "You know you've made it when you sing for washing machines... I'm serious!"

His remark earned a loud cheers from the crowd.

"I'm so happy to be here, not for anything else, we just want to escape from reality, from real-life chores, not having to do what you need to do..."

Sitting on top of the washing machine, he revealed, "I grew up in America so I know what it's like to do my own laundry."

Referring to the newly-launched Time Manager washing machines on display, Martin related, "That machine, I have never seen in my whole life. It's like a space thing!

"Back in the day, they were huge, loud and ugly, and now, they look like space machines. Look at that, they are beautiful!" he exclaimed, pointing at the washing machines that have Load Sensors, Leaf Lifter, IQ Touch, and other amazing features.

Martin continued, "Can I get one? This one will fit in my apartment, although not in the mini-Cooper I drove in here."

SURPRISE GUEST. One reason why Martin is fond of the brand is because during his Penthouse Live days, "one of our sponsors there was Electrolux!"


The host-singer resumed, "[It] has been a part of my family, and I brought one tonight."

That was the cue for Vicki Nievera-Davis to enter the stage. She sang Johnny Mathis's "The Last Time I Felt Like This" with her twin brother.

It was a rare moment since Vicki is now based in the U.S.

When he said goodbye and goodnight, the crowd shouted "Encore!" and "More!" in the fashion of a real concert.

Martin quipped, "Don't you have kids to go home to tonight? It's a week night, folks!"

He obliged the audience though and sang a couple more songs, including the ever popular "What A Wonderful World."





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