COUPLE OF THE WEEK. Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres: 15 years of bliss!

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Married couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres prove that their "kape't gatas" personalities make a good and long-lasting combination.

As they celebrate the 15th anniversary of their wedding this year, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) looks back at the love story of one of showbiz’s strongest and most beautiful couples— Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres.

THE FAIRY TALE LOVE STORY. In the words of Richard himself— in an interview published in YES! Magazine’s September 2008 issue, the same year they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary— the story of how he and Lucy got together was “parang pelikula talaga.”

Their first meeting happened on the set of a commercial shoot for a soap ad in 1993.

They got along quite easily... except that both were then taken.

It wasn’t until 1997 that Richard began to pursue Lucy with such intense fervor.

Lucy recalled, “We knew na wala nang kasunod ‘yong commercial, kasi last na, e… Ayun, he started calling me very often."

Richard seconded, “Up in Germany, I was calling her. Wala pang cellphone noon. Hindi pa uso. Low-tech pa. I was calling from a phone booth!”

But the daily phone calls weren't enough for Richard. So, when he returned to Manila in September 1997, the first thing he did was book a flight to Dumaguete and visit the Torres family’s home in Ormoc.

There, Richard charmed the heart of the fair-skinned beauty, plus, her parents, siblings, and relatives.

“It didn’t take too long,” Richard said. Yes, among the dozens of women he dated in the past, Lucy is The One.

The actor continued, “Basta my major consideration was, number one, if I was ready to settle in and be with a wife. ‘Cause it’s very important that you’re ready emotionally, di ba? I was naman.


“Second, am I financially stable? Do I have a house where I can live with my wife? Tamang-tama, I was building this house and it was almost done. Perfect timing lahat. And then she came along.”

Before the end of 1997, Richard and Lucy were engaged. And in the summer of 1998, they were married at the St. Peter and Paul Parish Church in Ormoc, Leyte, where they also renewed their vows last April 28, 2013.

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AS PARENTS. Three years after they got married, Richard and Lucy were blessed with Juliana.

Richard encourages their 13-year-old unica hija to enjoy sports, while Lucy pushes love for the arts.

As parents, they've been hands-on. They were there for important school events, extra-curricuar activities— including Juliana's fencing tournament where she won.

Their supportive nature as parents transcends also to being supportive of each other’s interests and careers.

Besides showbiz, both Richard and Lucy are now active in politics.

Richard is hoping to become city mayor, while Lucy is vying for reelection as congresswoman.

When asked if they have any formula to having a successful marriage, Richard told YES! magazine, “Siguro, dahil contrasting ang personality, we complement each other… Kape't gatas talaga.

“Even if we pursue our own interests, we never compromise rin our time as a coupe, our life as a couple. It’s always a priority.”





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