GET THE LOOK: Carla Dunareanu’s sporty-chic party outfit

IMAGE Allan Sancon

Carla Dunareanu’s outfit is not hard to pull off since a sleeveless top and cropped shorts are readily available. Just be playful with the color and style that will perfectly suit your personality.

The warm temperature gets a bit unnerving sometimes, especially if you’re in a jampacked party.

So, how do you beat the summer heat? Wear a comfy outfit!

You can try Carla Dunareanu’s sporty-chic outfit at the Close Up Summer Solstice event, held last April 27, at the SM Mall Of Asia grounds.

She partied for long hours in a red sleeveless top, denim folded cut-off shorts, and black sneakers.

She also avoided that icky, sweaty feeling by putting on light makeup— just moisturizer, blush, mascara, and neat eyebrows.

GET THE LOOK. It’s not that hard to work out Carla’s outfit. Sleeveless tops and cropped shorts are all over the place.

You can play with this look by giving the pieces a twist.

Like for your top, instead of a plain sleeveless top, you can go for a more colorful razor back cotton top.

Pair it with a frayed denim cropped shorts, which could make your legs look longer.

And to complete that comfy but chic outfit, strap on multicolored flat sneakers, and an additional digital wrist watch for accessory.

Of course, like Carla, just put on enough makeup that will give your skin a vibrant glow and your eyes more life.

With this easy-to-pull-off look, you’ll be ready to party all day and all night while still feeling fresh and comfortable!





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