Why Dra. Vicki Belo thinks Anne Curtis has "perfect" underarms

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Dra. Vicki Belo on newest product of her company: "It also addresses chicken skin from plucking, redness from shaving, and also this is a beauty deo because it doesn’t only make armpits white, it makes you beautiful."

Doctor to the stars Vicki Belo continues to expand her beauty empire by introducing an affordable remedy for every girl’s underarm dilemma.

On May 11, the mother-daughter tandem of Vicki and Cristalle Henares mounted the glamorous launch of the Belo Essentials Beauty Deo at the TriNoma Activity Center in Quezon City.

The stage was decorated with chandeliers, a top-down Ferrari, and a lovely coordination of lights as the product's endorser, Anne Curtis, was introduced.

THE BEAUTY DEO. In an interview with Dra. Vicki after the event, she explained how this new deodorant differs from other products in the market.

She emphasized that the name "Beauty Deo" pretty much says it all about the product.

“We don’t call it just a whitening deo. We call it the Beauty Deo because it addresses not only the dark armpits, but it also addresses the chicken skin that people get from plucking, it addresses the redness that people get from shaving."

For the past 23 years of cosmetic practice, Dra. Belo noticed that most of her female clients demand to have perfectly smooth white underarms.

"One of the most requested treatments is, 'How do I make my underarms white and beautiful?'"

And her usual response: "You have to choose, either to botox your armpits because deodorants make your armpits darker."

Most of the time, clients would back away from this suggestion due to certain reasons: one is the stigma of undergoing clinical treatments, and another is the unaffordable cost.

In order to solve this problem, Dra. Belo, with the help of her research and development team decided to create a unique deodorant that will stop perspiration.


She explains, “The Philippines is so hot. There’s nothing more na nakaka-self-conscious or nakaka-turn off than to have armpits that are dark and perspiring...

“And you know, in my career of 23 years, I have been looking for a deodorant like this to recommend to my patients because, of course, we all need an anti-perspirant deodorant.

"But then, I told them that most deodrants darken armpits because it has aluminum chloride, without any whitening.

“So ang nangyayari, aluminum, nakaka-rust, with the combination of perspiration and aluminum chloride, umiitim lalo yung armpits.

“And I said, I wish we could come up with a deo na, of course, aluminum chloride is very important because it is the only thing that can stop perspiration, kaya lang, sana may balance, na pampaputi ng armpits, pampaganda.

“And since, walang gumagawa, kami na po sa Belo Essentials ang gumawa ng deo.”

ANNE CURTIS'S PERFECT ARMPITS. To give the product launch a much-needed buzz, Dra. Belo sought the help of no less than actress-entertainer Anne Curtis.

There's no doubt that Anne is admired by many for her flawless beauty— not only her face, but also her body and, yes, her armpits.

In fact, die-hard fans of Anne have even made a Facebook fanpage solely dedicated to her perfect armpits.

So when Dra. Belo was asked why she picked Anne to be her product's endorser, she said, "Why not?"

She adds, “No, the reason why I got Anne is because Anne has been a Belo model since she was 15, and now she’s 28.


“So, she’s really part of the Belo family.

“And I think she’s a typical Belo girl— independent, smart, beautiful... and she has the most beautiful armpits, di ba?”





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