Priscilla Meirelles reveals insecurities; says she once feared John Estrada might cheat on her

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Average folks would think that beauty queens have nothing to feel insecure about because, well, they are the benchmarks of physical beauty. But not Priscilla Meirelles. The former Miss Earth 2004 winner admits she is sometimes worried that her husband John Estrada might replace her for a younger, more beautiful woman.

Brazilian women are undoubtedly among the most beautiful in the world.

Just take a look at the long list of international beauty pageant winners throughout the years and you're sure to find many of them in the roster.

Among these women is Miss Earth 2004 Priscilla Meirelles, who— even after getting pregnant and giving birth— still has that appeal to make any man go wild.

In a video interview with Boy Abunda for Olay Conversations, Priscilla talked about her life— from her days as a beauty queen to being a wife and mother today.

AGING BEAUTY QUEEN. Out of the eleven beauty pageants that she’s joined since she was young, Priscilla was ranked a runner up in one and a winner in ten— a feat that is truly a mark of a beauty queen.

However, despite the success and admiration, she remains to be just like any other woman, who, in some days, feel less than perfect.

“Some days I wake up and, you know, I don’t feel that great.

"And there are other days that when, you know, ‘Wow, today there’s something special, really special about me.'

"Sometimes, I look at myself and say, like, ‘This is not my day.’”

For someone who started her career competing against 600 girls, wherein “the judges would come up to us with a notebook and a pen and look at us from head to toe and score us then move on to the next girl,” she has learned to accept the fact that she is now an “aging beauty queen.”


“I have no issues about it," Priscilla explains.

"I have no problems with it at all because, you know, I can never look the way I used to when I was 18 or 20. I can look maybe better, if I manage to do that.”

MARRYING JOHN ESTRADA. From beauty queen to model and everything else in between, Priscilla’s now taken upon the role of a loving wife and homemaker.

She reminisces the time she first met her husband, John Estrada: “You know it’s funny because the very first time that we met, there was not really a connection…

“It was 2004, and I had a boyfriend back home, and I think he was involved with someone else, and then we were introduced to each other. They introduced me to John, and I did not [know how to] speak English.

“Then we met again, I think 2007, and that was the time when something, you know, [there’s] an attraction I guess… You know, he’s really smooth.”

It didn’t take long for Priscilla to fall in love and enter into a relationship with John. Four years later, they decided to settle down.

Even before she met her husband, Priscilla already knew about his reputation of being a “ladies’ man.” She also knows about his history with his ex-wife Janice de Belen and former girlfriend Vanessa Del Bianco.

The 5’10 beauty admits that sometimes she couldn’t help but worry about getting cheated on by John— who, at 41, happens to be good-looking and attractive still.


“I’m a very proud wife, but… you know, once in a while, it crossed my mind: ‘Is he gonna exchange me for, you know, a hotter one or a younger one?’” Priscilla confessed.

Her pregnancy also didn’t make things easier, especially when she began to put on weight.

She recalled John telling her, “He reacted like, ‘Babe, you are big. You think you can ever go back to your, you know, the way you used to look before?’”

Hearing these words from her very own husband, Priscilla admitted to feeling challenged and offended because “it’s like, ‘Will your love for me change because now I’m bigger and before I used to be sexy or smaller?’”

But instead of freaking out about it, Priscilla chose to look at the bigger picture. She tells Boy Abunda, “I cannot blame him because it comes with the package.

“When we first got together, when we got married, I used to look a certain way and that was the Priscilla he fell in love with.

“So, I was wondering how strong his feelings were and would he be able to compromise.

"But I knew inside me that it was just a stage.”

And through that stage, Priscilla says that John remained a loyal husband.

“I ask him, and whenever he answers me he says, ‘You know, I love you so much I wanna die looking at your face.’

“So basically, as a woman, you feel that, ‘Wow, I’m special.’”

MOTHERHOOD. Special, indeed, is how Priscilla thinks of herself these days, especially since the arrival of their unica hija Sammanta Anechka.


She says about the changes in her life since becoming a mom: “Priority ko talaga now is my baby, and then of course my husband.”

With her beauty queen background and her husband’s showbiz influence, she says that she will support her daughter if she decides to enter the entertainment business someday.

“If one day she comes up to me and says, ‘Mama, I also want to try... I want to become a beauty queen,’ even an artista, kahit ano, I will be there for her.

“[I’ll be] 100% supporting her and be there to tell her, to try to guide her the best way I can.”

As Priscilla juggles with her marriage and motherhood, she now feels a sense of fulfillment that she has reached a new milestone in her life.

And amidst everything, the 29-year-old mom still looks gorgeous as ever.

When she was asked by Boy to define what beauty is, she answered in true, classic beauty queen fashion: “Beauty is really a reflection of what you have inside your heart. That’s what I believe…

“Beauty is not just about the way you look…it’s really a feeling where you know who you are and then where you stand, and you know what you need to do to make yourself happy.

“To make yourself enjoy everything that you’re supposed to enjoy.”

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