Solenn Heussaff shares insight on responsible use of social media

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Solenn Heussaff recognizes the influencing power of social media, which is she believes that “when it comes to strong opinions, dapat keep it to yourself because there are always haters and they’ll be always around.”

Technology's progress is inevitable, and whoever you are— whether you're young or old— technology will always be a part of your life.

That's one thing that Solenn Heussaff has observed.

She told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an interview after the Culinary Cook Off event, held at the Center for Culinary Arts-Manila on May 27, that indeed technology is taking over.

“The world is getting more and more techie [skilled in the use of technological devices], so kahit ‘yong mga bata ngayon, kahit three years old lang sila, they already have, like, a computer and everything.

“It’s a big part of our life, how we stay connected palagi din.”

Especially with her line of work— as a showbiz personality, host, model, painter, fashion designer, and makeup artist— Solenn knows the importance of having good Internet connection and network service all the time.

“Minsan the phone [Internet] doesn’t work, di ba?

“So it’s always easy to go to the Internet to e-mail, Twitter, everything, even to staying in touch with your family staying in touch with friends when I have my Sun Broadband.

"You also get to organize your work when you’re connected all the time.

“So for me, it’s a go-to thing, and now— though it’s sad to say— you don’t have to open a book anymore, lahat nasa Internet na, all the answers to your questions.”

Solenn adds that having 24/7 Internet connection is not only advantageous for celebrities like her.

She was particularly proud to see the contestants at the cook-off use their Internet-capable devices to search for recipes to present that day.


SOCIAL MEDIA ETIQUETTE. As a self-confessed techie, Solenn also talked about the do's and don'ts of connecting through social media.

She always gets updated with her family, friends, and work by accessing different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

But since these are open to all, she expects that not everyone will be pleased by her posts and that there will always people-bashing.”

A lot of people, as well as known personalities, become victims of these bashers in social media, which is also an avenue for personalities to interact or communicate with their fans or followers.

Solenn is not exempt from the stuff of haters and bashers.

“I try not to veer on that subject,” the Kapuso actress says.

“There’re a lot of good articles I’ve read. Minsan may mga bad articles din, but I guess that comes with the job.

“Sometimes I read it, parang it makes me feel down even if I know I shouldn’t. But you know, it always ends up hitting a part of your brain, so I try not to read gossip.”

She admits that there are times these “bashers” or “haters” are hitting below the belt, which makes her want to reply to them.

There was even a time she was guilty about answering back to these bashers. But eventually she realized how “to keep my mouth shut,” she said with a laugh.

“Sometimes, minsan may mga taong parang walang, wala silang utak when they write things.

“So, kahit if it’s me or my friends or someone I know na hindi kami close din, pero I know na hindi siya ganung tao or like that, I still feel the nerve and the rage of wanting to answer.


“But then it’s just a thing that passes by lang.”

Yet the Taste Buddies host honestly admits, “I used to have my mistakes also, tao lang po,” she says with a smile.

“We also get hurt in everything, so I just say if you have opinions you can voice them out. But usually they’re there for promotion and little stories of your life.

“But when it comes to strong opinions, dapat keep it to yourself because there are always haters and they’ll always be around.”

There’s no denying that technology, particularly the social media, has a great impact on the people.

But, as the film Spiderman declared in 2002, “With great power comes great responsibility.”





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