To wear or not to wear contact lenses?

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Julia Montes is the first Filipina endorser of the contact lens brand, DAILIES FreshLook Illuminate. The Star Magic talents swears, "That's my secret to my beautifully natural eyes. Nakakabuhay talaga ng mata."

Contact lenses have become an indispensable fashion accessory in creating the animé/doll look. In fact, it's becoming a fad among today's teens and yuppies.

What's alarming, however, is that some brands are being sold not by optical shops but by online sellers.

This is not advisable, according to Dr. Marie Elaine Corinne Maceda, optometrist of FreshLook.

"It still has to be clinically-approved because you put it on an open organ. You have to be extra careful with your eyes," she stresses.

During the launch of Julia Montes as FreshLook's first Pinay endorser, Dr. Maceda mentioned some more tips for those who are planning to switch from eyeglasses to contacts, whether they be long-time prescription lens users or the fashion-conscious set who simply want to enhance the beauty of their eyes.

1) Choose a brand that has the 4 Cs: color, comfort, centration, and convenience.

The cheap brands may have itching or stinging effects on users. Dr. Maceda underscored, "Huwag isakripisyo ang comfort."


They also tend to discolor, so, look for the contacts with "dual color technology for brighter, bigger, and natural-looking eyes."

2) They should have an "aqua release" feature to ensure all-day comfort, because for every blink, they release a moisturing agent.

3) Ask for "lightstream technology" because Dr. Elaine claims, "this does not let your lens come into direct contact with the eye."

4) Lastly, they should sit well in the center of the eyes, and should follow eye movement.

To those who have been wearing contacts, there are three no-nos.

1) Never sleep with them.

2) Never borrow.

3) Never reuse or extend the use of the disposable contacts.

Ready to wear a pair?

For a box of 10 pieces, Julia's contacts cost 650 pesos. But before you make your purchase, Dr. Elaine mentioned another reminder, "Make sure your eyes don't have abrasions or you don't have extremely bright eyes."





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