Dreamland 2013 with Paul Van Dyk on July 12 and 13

IMAGE courtesy of VIVA

DreamLand is all set to happen in Manila on July 12, and in Cebu on July 13.

For MANILA ticket inquiries call Republiq Club at 0917 550 8888. For CEBU Ticket & Table Reservation at WATERFRONT CONCERTS & EVENTS COUNTER please call 032.232.6888/0925.555.7221/0925.555.7222.


"For more than two decades, the world has known and shivered by just hearing the name Paul Van Dyk.

"A virtuoso DJ, he conquered each and every destination he has been from North to South, West to East, with his electronic dance music, attracting crowds of different social ladder.

"A true testament to that is the New Year's celebration last 2008 that happened on Barra Beach on Rio where an unexpected crowd totalling to 1.5 million was in full attendance.

"Not only that, he also did remixes for mainstream superstars like Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

"An added bonus, he is a regular film and game score contributor which resulted to many notable OST [Official Soundtrack] credits.

"No wonder, he has taken twice the title as the world's no. 1 DJ.

"PVD didn't stop from being just a DJ, he also released albums with his own record label, VANDIT Records.


"Now, he is in his sixth full-length album. The successor to 45 RPM (1994), Seven Ways (1996), Out There and Back (2000), as well as Grammy nominated Reflections (2003) and In Between (2007) comes Evolution.

"This latest masterpiece of him comes with a unique treatment that will surely be a heat to club goers and musicians all over the world.

"If you are already amazed by this music trance god, surely you don't know him that well. Besides his legacy as a musician, PVD is also an activist and world-citizen.

"After the production of his latest album Evolution, he rededicate his time to his other projects among them is his Ruckenwind [Tailwind] charity, which seeks to maintain a thirst for knowledge in underprivileged children. Also with his longstanding political involvements, specifically with his work with anti-war movements and organizations.

"Truly, this man has got it all going from being a DJ, to a record producer and to being a catalyst for change. He deserves the awards and international acclaim he is receiving right now. Among his international awards are the illustrious Landesverdienstorden [Berlin's Medal of Honour, given in recognition of his work towards social justice], a string of IDMA wins and Mixmag's man of the Year accolade.


"And now, the German Grammy-Award winning DJ, musician and record producer is coming to the Philippines for some serious and one of a kind night life experience you surely won't forget.

"Drift in ecstasy as VIVA Concerts and Events South, Inc. and Redstone Media Productions Inc. brings you DREAMLAND 2013, an electronic dance music festival happening at the Republiq Club, Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City on July 12, 2013 and at Waterfront Hotel in Lahug, Cebu City on July 13, 2013.

"For MANILA ticket inquiries call Republiq Club at 0917 550 8888. For CEBU Ticket & Table Reservation at WATERFRONT CONCERTS & EVENTS COUNTER please call 032.232.6888/0925.555.7221/0925.555.7222"

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