Hayden Kho keeps fit to maintain his stylish personality

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Hayden Kho doesn't follow any particular diet, but stresses, “Ang disiplina ko rin lang sa katawan ko is kumakain lang ako kapag gutom. Hindi ako sumusunod ng breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Sa akin, kapag gutom lang ako, saka lang ako kakain.”

Hayden Kho didn't deny that he gained a few extra pounds when PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) saw him recently at the launch of Gold’s Gym Philippines latest workout called RIP:60.

The businessman-celebrity said he just came from a vacation in the U.S., “I was there for a long time, so napapakain ng maraming burgers and junk foods, so lumobo ako ng kaunti.”

But the extra pounds don't really look that bad on his six-foot frame.

In fact, Hayden doesn't seem worried about it at all because he never fails to do his regular workouts, which can anywhere from two to three times a week.

“May disiplina ako. May timing ako about when I should be bigger, or when I try to become lean,” he told PEP.

According to the 33-year-old celebrity, his workout depends on the activities he would be doing.

“If I’m preparing for a sports tournament or a sports game, I do plyometrics and other functional exercises.

“Otherwise, kapag nagpapalaki ako, I do a lot of plyometric exercises.”

Since we noticed how serious Hayden is about exercise, we asked him why a regular workout is very important to him.

He replied, “Para kasi sa akin, ang pinakaimportante pagdating sa pananamit, sa fashion, ay yung ganda ng katawan mo.

“Kasi kahit anong ganda ng suot mo, kapag pangit ang katawan mo, pangit din. Kung pangit ang suot mo, maganda ang katawan mo… Ang akin, ang investment ko lang talaga is yung sa katawan.”

CONSCIOUS EATER. Apart from exercise, Hayden also stressed the importance of a proper diet in keeping a fit.

Although he doesn’t follow any particular diet, Hayden is very conscious about the food he eats.

“When it comes to dieting naman, I’m just trying to avoid… I’m not saying na hindi ko kinakain, but I try to minimize foods that aren't healthy, like matataba and malalangis—basically mga unhealthy, but I still eat.”


In contrast to what most nutritionists advise to people, Hayden doesn't eat by the clock.

“Ang disiplina ko rin lang sa katawan ko is kumakain lang ako kapag gutom. Hindi ako sumusunod ng breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

“Sa akin, kapag gutom lang ako, saka lang ako kakain. Kapag hindi na ako gutom, tumitigil na akong kumain.”

Likewise, Hayden doesn't follow the old saying, “Kung ano yung nilagay mo sa plato kailangan mong ubusin dahil sinasabi nila sayang ang pagkain.”

He reasoned out, “Sa akin, kapag hindi mo na kaya, busog ka na, mas masasayang ‘yon.

“Kapag kinain mo pa, mag-i-spend ka ng time, resources, and energy to go to the gym to take it out of your body.”





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