Sharon Cuneta overcomes her "maldita" phase on Twitter

IMAGE Demai G. Sunio-Granali

Sharon Cuneta on why she lashed out on her Twitter bashers last year: "It was hurtful what they would say, na para kang nanay na gusto mong i-ground sandali."

Megastar Sharon Cuneta is set to return to television by the end of the year through her first TV5 serye titled Madam Chairman.

Last July 17, TV5 invited PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other media to witness Sharon’s immersion at Barangay Doña Imelda, Quezon City.

“I want to learn about how kapitana interacts with the kagawads and everybody else.

“Nakakatuwa, e, kasi that would be a big part of the show,” says Sharon, who will play the role of a barangay chairman named Bebeth De Guzman.

The actress-singer, who has done a variety of roles in her previous movies, is particularly interested in how a barangay chairman settles issues in her community.

“Parang sa Face To Face,” she said, pertaining to the TV5 show of Amy Perez, which brings together two arguing parties to settle their differences on national TV.

MADAM CHAIRMAN VERSUS BASHERS. In real life, Sharon has also come “face to face” with her own opposing parties, a.k.a. her bashers on Twitter.


Sometime last year, the Megastar constantly made headlines because of her catty posts against malicious users of the social networking site.

“There was a time na nagmaldita ako noon sa Twitter. You know why? I think it was because hindi ka sanay na mga gano’ng tao iyong makaka-deal mo.

“Pero sanay tayo sa detractors dahil sa showbiz, tayo ba naman all these years. Pero it was so… It was hurtful what they would say, na para kang nanay na gusto mong i-ground sandali.

“So, parang feeling ko, if you spoke the kind of language they understood, baka [makinig]. E, hindi, e. So, I stopped first and sabi ko, ‘This is not me. I will not do like this.’”

She further explained her actions back then, why she chose to lash back at those people.

“I never sent out to do that naman. Ang akin lang kasi, di ba, you guys know me," addressing the veteran showbiz reporters who were present during the interview, “I respect, e, people; so parang I grew up like that. Pag nirerespeto mo, nirerespeto ka rin, e.


"So, nagugulat ako ng gano’n, parang iba na kasi ngayon, e, na pwede nang may direct line sa ’yo.

“Na-shock lang ako. Na-culture shock.”

But how is she now in terms of dealing her online followers?

“Well, haters are gonna hate, so that’s okay,” Sharon says.

Looking back, Sharon says she regrets ever taking that path.

“After a while, naisip ko, ‘Why did I even reply? Why did I even give it energy?

"Why did I not focus on my followers who’re really following me because they’re following me to get you know inspirational quotes or lessons on love or life? You know, happy things—recipes, cooking, interacting...

"It was a good way for me to be in touch with my fans na it was never possible before.

"And then, I just I felt, 'Why did I allow certain people to just [do that to me?]'"


With that realization, Sharon eventually resolved herself to learn the "art of dedma" and just focus on her real fans.

"I’ve been tweeting [again] since May. I just ignore na lang and now I’m used to it and now I’m, like, ‘Okay. Siyempre talagang you can’t please everybody.’”





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