Alessandra de Rossi's latest beauty lengua: "GMG" and "GGSS"

IMAGE Mark Atienza

She addresses herself with terms like GMG (Ganda Mo, Girl) and GGSS (Gandang Ganda Sa Sarili), but Alessandra de Rossi says that the way she takes pride on her beauty is something she does only for fun.

On July 4, Alessandra de Rossi arrived at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), for the opening of Cinemalaya 2013, dressed in a body-hugging graphic dress.

On her choice of fashion for the event, the Liars actress said she wanted to go low-key.

"Actually, itong damit na ito, nakuha ko lang sa Instagram. Bigay ng mga stores na parang, mag-tha-thank you ka lang sa kanila, ganyan; so sabi ko, 'Suotin ko na nga para may maganda naman akong picture.'"

She spins around and shows off the special cutout feature on the dress, which reveals just the right amount of her gorgeous back skin.

"Pa-ganyan iyan dapat. Akala mo ang simple lang, pero pagtalikod," she described.

"Pag Cinemalaya kasi, alam ko yung ganito na simple lang pero may dating," she further explained, saying how perfect the outfit is for the occasion.

ON BEAUTY. Alex has always been admired in the industry, not only for her versatile range as an actress, but also for her unique beauty.

Having both Filipina and Italian roots, the slender morena star has always been touted as one of the most striking faces in the country.

When asked to identify which part of her physical beauty she appreciates the most, Alex laughed, "Beauty, ang alin? Mayroon ba?"

She relates while giving us one of her biggest, most beautiful smiles, "Yung kanina lang, after ko mag-lipstick, bago bumaba ng car, sabi ko, 'GMG—ganda mo, girl!'"

Ever the bubbly jokester, Alex says that physical beauty is something she doesn't like to put too much thought on.


"Gandang-ganda sa sarili, pero actually hindi ako ganoong klaseng tao, ano lang, pampatawa lang."

The ever-candid actress, though she may not consider herself beautiful by popular standards, remains to be a charmer with her witty, easygoing sense of humor.





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