Celebrities donate via social media and Zonrox Linizkwela 2013

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On Twitter, some celebrities were asked to nominate public schools, which will benefit from the Zonrox Linizkwela 2013 clean-up drive. Two people didn't hesitate to take part: Dimples Romana and Jim Paredes!


“The influence of each human being on others in this life is a kind of immortality.”— Winston Churchill

In an age dominated by social media and the Internet, a single sentence now travels so quickly, hitting millions of people along its path.

Never before has anyone had the chance to communicate with other people from outside their immediate vicinities. More relevantly, never before have local or global personalities had a reach that spanned far corners of the earth.

Knowing full well the capability of social media and its pool of influencers, Zonrox took to Twitter to knock on the virtual doors of known personalities and elicit a charitable tweet from them.

Celebrities were tweeted to nominate public schools as recipients of donations via the Zonrox Liniz kwela 2013 Clean-up drive. The said program has been running for three years now, helping volunteers, teachers, and students clean up public schools across the nation with donations of Zonrox Plus and cleaning equipment. Zonrox extended such assistance to more than 40 public schools this year alone.


Zonrox received replies from celebrities: Jim Paredes (@Jimparedes), one of the members of the renowned Apo Hiking Society trio, and Dimples Romana (@DimplesRomana), one of the more prominent faces to have graced primetime television and the silverscreen.

Jim Paredes gladly opening the nomination to his half a million followers, with several of them mentioning schools obviously from their childhood days. “Can anyone suggest a public school in Metro Manila that #Zonrox can donate cleaning kits to? Please let me know asap sana,” he tweeted. It was ultimately the BagongSilangan Elementary School in Quezon City that Jim chose from all of the suggestions.

Dimples Romana, on the other hand, immediately went on replying, tweeting “@ZonroxPH F. Serrano Sr. Elementary School in Better Living Paranaque.” It is a school most likely within her neighborhood and close to her heart.

“Yehey… thanks for including me. Congrats for a good project,” Paredes also tweeted upon finding out that donations under his name are already being prepared to be sent to his chosen school.


At the time of this writing, the donations have been sent to both BagongSilangan and F. Serrano Sr. Elementary schools. The educator and student recipients were pleasantly surprised by their nomination and were more than happy to receive Zonrox Plus and cleaning tools that will enable them to maintain a clean and inspiring environment for themselves.

Zonrox Plus is an All-around Bleach with detergent that combines the whitening and anti-bacterial protection of bleach and the sudsing power of detergent. Its extra-thick formula makes cleaning faster, more convenient, and mess-free. Zonrox Plus is manufactured by Green Cross, Inc.

Visit www.facebook.com/ZonroxPH to learn more about the nominated schools and the Linizkwela program and www.greencross.com.ph for more information about Zonrox.





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