Lovi Poe has no regrets about decisions in the past that "made me who I am now.”

IMAGE Mike Caliwara

On her rumored transfer to TV5 before she renewed her contract with GMA-7, Lovi Poe said: "I never sat with anyone. Si Tito Leo talaga yung may alam sa ganyan," referring to her manager Leo Dominguez.

Lovi Poe looked effortlessly sexy in her oversized knit sweater and a pair of shorts.

Arriving early at the venue of her pocket press conference last July 28, she ordered gyoza and yakisoba.

“Okay lang to interview me while eating,” she told the showbiz columnists and editors.

After her sumptuous meal, she asked the waiter of Ryu Ramen and Curry restaurant, “Ate, ano pong dessert niyo?”

Diet, indeed, is not in Lovi’s vocabulary at present.

“I just know how to cover,” she said, trying to sound modest.

But she knows how important a slim figure is to her career, so she started boxing last month.

At the time of the interview, she exclaimed, “Three days na akong tuluy-tuloy na nagba-boxing!”

And going beyond her weight, the Primera Aktresa also revealed a few things about her life.

She was a safe interviewee, but interesting nonetheless.

1. She lives with two of her cousins.

“Para siyang college life kinda thing. Yun yung prinamis namin nung high school kami, na we're gonna live together…

“They're working, so ang set-up namin, parang Friends.”

2. From time to time, her mom Rowena Moran would visit her.

Smiling, the 24-year-old actress related, “I see her a lot. She goes to my house a lot so parang she surprises me a lot.

“Before I sleep, sometimes she's there din, gano'n.”

3. She wants to resume her studies and finish Psychology.

4. A portion of her income goes to real-estate ventures.

5. Politics? “It’s not my thing.”

The daughter of the late Fernando Poe Jr., who ran for President in 2004, and half sister of Senator Grace Poe said, “My god, I don't think I can. It's really hard.”

6. This 5'6" morena beauty never watches herself on TV or the big screen.

"I'm my worst critic, as in… Kung yung ibang tao nakalait sa akin, mas malala akong manlait sa sarili ko. “


7. Greatest achievement: “I don't know, e. Siguro I, more of... every time ano, pagkauwi ko sa bahay, pagka masaya ako sa ginawa kong trabaho, yun, parang I have achieved something for the day. I think of it that way kasi.”

8. Regrets? “So far, I have none naman. Of course, my mom thinks siguro na I've done [some things] in the past, but [they] made me who I am now.”

9. In terms of her craft, Lovi wants to challenge herself, and wishes “to play someone with split personality— schizo, bipolar.”

She added, “I don’t know if I can pull it off.”

10. When she falls in love, “I never ask for signs. More on prayers, instincts.”


“Signs kasi, they can trick you. Baka ma-interpret mo the way you want it lang talaga.”





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