Sam Milby recharged and stronger than ever in Men’s Health September issue

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Sam Milby: “If I look at myself back, when I was 21 or 22, I’m completely different than I am now. I’m growing up so much and I feel like I have so much more growing up that I still have to do within the next 5 years.”

Filipino-American heartthrob Sam Milby once again graces the cover of Men’s Health in its September issue.

During his third cover shoot for the magazine at Ultimate Fitness Gym, Metrowalk last July 18, he sat with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) to share how he got his buff bod back in shape and how he’s been doing with his career and love life.

“It’s my third time, so it’s nothing new but at the same time… grabe yung privilege to be on the cover of Men’s Health," the Kapamilya actor said.

“It’s something not everyone gets to do. It means that you are [in] a good lifestyle. You’re able to stay fit and stay healthy.”

When asked about how he has been preparing for the shoot and getting his body toned, Sam replied, “I wish I can lie and say I prepared, but I didn’t. I was much more prepared siguro last time and mas lalo the time before.


“And it seems like, as I’m getting older, mas nagiging lazy ako. That’s why I’m more strict on my diet now because I don’t go to the gym as much, I don’t work out as much.

“What I normally do now, I just started again for the last three weeks. I’ll just do a few push-ups and sit-ups bago maligo in the morning and that’s it. And then diet.”

FIGHT TO BE FIT. On every cover shoot for the magazine, Sam Milby has shown different sides of his lifestyle and enthusiasm for physically-demanding sports. He shared his new fascination for a more intense sport–Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

“I think the first issue, mas [may] pagka-lifestyle yung ginawa namin. The second one was about my favorite sport, motocross. And this one is, obviously, all about MMA. So, iba-iba lagi.”

His love for sports goes way back—from figure skating during his childhood to wrestling, motocross, karate and other physical activities.


“Ako I like those, I’ve always been into the physical sports where, yung gano'n, like motocross, you really have to be physical and may adrenaline.

“I did wrestling in high school, I did karate in college and I’ve done MMA. I’ve done Muay Thai at Gold’s Gym. And I kinda stopped for a bit but now I’m being here, parang nakaka-miss eh.

“I know this sounds kinda weird, I want to experience a fight. Not like I really want to take MMA seriously but I just want to… experience a fight.”

NO TO CHEAT DAYS. As an endorser in demand, the hot model spills his diet secrets and says he doesn’t believe in cheating on one's intake.

“I hadn’t had pork in, like, six years. So, I eat a lot of beef. Steak, a lot of beef and then chicken and then fish, of course. I don’t eat much pasta. Bihira lang. Sweets, I love sweets but I have discipline.


“I think diet is just a normal thing. Ako if I feel like having ice cream, then I’ll have ice cream. I don’t have a cheat day. I just have my own diet that I follow and if I feel like eating, I’ll start eating.”

He wasn’t really careful with his weight before, he says, but that one motivation for his goal to maintain his diet and good looks was his career in showbiz.

“I think it was more because of the industry, well, people are saying, ‘You need to lose some weight kasi you’re onscreen. Your face is too big’.

“Actually, my first real job was a fast-food chain, for one summer lang, tumaba ako ng 25 pounds. I used to be unhealthy before but I used to work out a lot more.”

“Kahit ano, very unhealthy yung eating ko, I used to lift a lot. Actually I looked healthy pag wala ‘kong shirt, parang built pa rin but ang laki ng mukha ko pa rin eh.”


“I used to eat with my girlfriend at that time at Outback just for the cheese fries, which was dipped in a small bowl of ranch dressing.

“And I read that that alone with just a small bowl of ranch dressing, that’s over 2,000 calories. We used to eat that as an appetizer. That ain’t healthy.”

NOT A HARD HABIT TO BREAK. Before he was known to melt hearts with his love songs, the talented singer confessed he was a bit of a smoker until it started affecting his voice.

“I used to be a heavy smoker. I used to smoke over a pack a day when I was younger.

“As you grow up also you’ll realize ‘I think I need to be healthy’ especially with the smoking too kasi malakas pa rin ako mag-yosi and good thing I noticed.”

“I still smoke every now and then for a long time. Pero I realized nahihirapan talaga ko kumanta if I smoke. So I had to decide, I can’t, I really can’t smoke anymore because I [need] to refresh my voice.”


Unlike smokers who take years to get over the addiction, the ASAP star went cold turkey.

“I’ve never really had any [method]. I smoked over a pack a day when I came here kasi my parents didn’t know about it. They knew about it, but they didn’t really know about it.”

“When I came here, I had to quit kasi I was with my mom. So I had to quit cold turkey. Wala naman akong problema.”

“I didn’t have headaches, nothing like that. The cravings, yes. It wasn’t really hard for me, just the cravings. Some people, di ba, masakit ang ulo and they really have no control. I didn’t have that.”

TIME MANAGEMENT. With so many offers here and there, the sought-after celebrity is still not used to managing his busy schedule.

“That’s what I’m not too good at. If I was good at time management then I would be going to the gym a lot more.


“Ngayon, actually naging mas okay yung schedule ko because one project na lang ngayon. Pero at the end of the month, mag-start na yung bagong movie.

“Early this year though mahirap talaga, kasi dalawang teleserye na sabay yung tini-tape namin.”

The multi-talented artist added that he is working on his daily schedules.

“That’s something I’m still working on, it’s one of my, something that I’ve never been strong with. Planning out my day, making sure na ‘Okay, itong oras, anong gagawin ko? Itong oras, tapos na. Ganyan ganyan.’

“Hindi. I’ve never been good at that so [it’s] something I’m working on myself.”

IDEAL GIRL. Sam Milby has been single for a long time now also because of his busy schedule. After his controversial break-up with Anne Curtis almost five years ago, the matinee idol has yet to find his ideal girl, regardless of the rumors linking him to some women, including the singer Marie Digby.


“A lot of times, the girls that I’ve met, like, ‘puwede to’, laging may boyfriend.

“I don’t wanna say I’m picky, but I have a point in my life where I am a bit picky.

“If I’m like, ‘Okay, sige, I like this girl. She’s just cool.’ If I start dating and hanging out, and then I’m like ‘Yeah, I’m not feeling it’. If I don’t feel like it, I’m not gonna push through with it.

“'Cause some people [are] like ‘Okay, you know what, not feeling it but let’s see’. Ako I wanna feel that excitement, I wanna feel like ‘I wanna see this girl, I can’t wait to see her’. And that’s how I want it.”

To find out if a girl is his type, the romantic chap reveals his ideal girl.

“I like a girl na hindi nagmi-make-up. I like a girl na sporty. [She] doesn’t need to be sporty but yung not afraid to just be a bit outgoing. Like if I wanna, ‘Hey let’s play board and games’. Parang gano'n.


“Adventurous, just willing to be a bit sporty. Simple lang yung damit, hindi kelangan naka-porma lagi. I like just a simple girl that likes simple T-shirt and jeans, I find that hot. And no make-up.

“Not like walang ayos talaga but, yes, effortless beauty. I love natural beauty. I really appreciate that. Simple, hindi maarte.”

What terms are no-deal?

“Non-negotiable would be religion. I’m a Christian. I’m a work in progress.

“I’m not the best example but I am a Christian. I have my beliefs. If it’s away from that, it’s gonna be a big problem. Hindi talaga puwede.

“Kung nagdu-drugs, hindi eh. There’s some people [for whom] you can be that person to help them get away from that, but there’s some people that don’t want [help]. Depends on that person kasi.”

BEING A MAN. When asked about who initiates a relationship and who responds, Sam replies, “We as men are made to be pursuers. Pursuers, to pursue the women, we’re supposed to rule and to show the way. We’re supposed to be protective, we’re supposed to fight for them.”


“That’s the adventure, we’re supposed to win them over. That’s what guys are supposed to do. That’s our core.

“Honestly, I think in this day and age, with everything, there’s so much de-masculinizing that happens.

“We’re not supposed to care about how we look or be stuck in an office. It’s not what we’re made to do. We’re supposed to be active.”

“I mean, the core of a man is to fight, to win adventures, to conquer something.

“Ako when I go outside, when I get dirty, if I mountain-climb, I’m doing something I feel so alive and I feel my adrenaline pumping. That’s why I like doing very physical [sports] like motocross, I feel that adrenaline, I feel so alive.

PRESSURE TO SETTLE DOWN. The bachelor will be hitting the big 3-0 next year and with no leading lady at his side, settling down is still in question. But Sam clarifies that he is not pressured and he still has a lot of growing up to do.


“I’m not pressured. I hate to say it but for me, it depends on the person. Para sa kin, if you’re 33 and you don’t feel like you’ve matured enough, you’re not ready to have a family, then you’re not ready.

“It’s your own personal growth. Sometimes, there’s people that mature and grow up a lot faster than other people, like they can be 29 and like ‘I feel I have a lot of knowledge and I’m ready to raise a family’.

“I think a lot of people, lalo na sa States, they feel that they’re already like that. They get married so young and then they grow up.

If I look at myself back, when I was 21 or 22, I’m completely different than I am now. I’m growing up so much and I feel like I have so much more growing up that I still have to do within the next five years.


He may not be pressured, but the still-single actor is making plans for the future.

“Thirty-three to 35 is my ideal age to get married but gusto ‘kong makilala yung babaeng pakakasalan ko. I want to have this time to get to know the woman I’m gonna marry.

“For me at the same time, nakaka-miss naman having that inspiration.

“Hopefully this year, but it’s something you can’t force.”

His ladylove may still be out there, but no doubt Sam Milby goes on to make hearts throb.

Men’s Health September issue is available in bookstores and newsstands nationwide.





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