PEP Gift Guide Day 63: A good investment for constant travelers like Jake Cuenca, KC Montero, and Solenn Heussaff

IMAGE Noel Orsal, Nimfa Chua

Christmas is a time for gift-giving. For busy people like Jake Cuenca, KC Montero and Solenn Heussaff , the best gift they can get is a holiday vacation, a good time for travel—to be with loved ones abroad or see new places.

63 DAYS TO GO. When asked what they would like to receive this Christmas, Jake Cuenca, KC Montero and Solenn Heussaff gave the same answer: Plane tickets.

For the denizens of the maddening world of showbiz, getting away, however short the opportunity, is an all-time stress-buster.

For radio jock/TV host KC Montero, going home to his family in the United States, in Washington, is his ultimate wish this Christmas.

It may remain a wish, though, because his work as a DJ of the FM station Wave 89.1 requires him to stay in town for the holidays.

But what he would like to give Heaven, the son of his ex-wife, Geneva Cruz, is a car.

"I think he has his license now, but he doesn’t have a car,” he said.

On the other hand, Jake Cuenca plans to be with his family in Spain this Christmas Season.

He said, “Most likely gagawin ko ‘yan sa December. Malamang nasa Spain ako.”

The Yuletide Season is a triple celebration for the actor. Apart from Christmas and New Year, Jake’s birthday falls on December 30.

Jake was coy when asked about what gifts he will be giving this Christmas, and to whom.

He said, “Not for anything… hindi sa makapal ang mukha ko… I think all the movies I did this year are my gift to everyone.

“I think I did the best work that I could do this year and I’m happy with everything that happened to all my movies.

“I think that’s my biggest gift… sana magustuhan ng mga tao.”


Jake, apart from TV work, made a number of movies this year— Tuhog, Lihis, Status: It’s Complicated and When the Love is Gone. He is also set to do an indie movie.

For Solenn, a perfect gift is a bundle of plane tickets to Greece, Istanbul, Morocco and Africa.

This model-painter-host-actress said the holiday season is the only time of the year when she gets to go on a vacation.

She said the love for travel runs in her family, adding she is eyeing the Rimowa luggage as her Christmas gift to them: “Para pwede silang mag-travel.”

The Rimowa Salsa Deluxe luggage comes in five different colors that would suit every type of personality. Rimowa, in the Philippines, has branches in Greenbelt 5 and Powerplant malls in Makati city.

Taking a cue from Solenn—especially with airfares and travel packages getting more affordable—giving someone a luggage set is a smart choice.


A dependable and durable set of luggage is a necessity to people who constantly travel.

They are also good investments over time, because they are made to last for a long and can endure long travels.





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