PEP Gift Guide Day 62: Alden Richards wants a Swiss watch to add to his collection

IMAGE Abby Mendoza

Alden Richards may not be materialistic, but when prodded to answer what he wants for Christmas, the GMA heartthrob relayed that a classic Swiss watch would make him happy. In a previous interview, he told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) about his fondness for watches.

62 DAYS TO GO. If only gifts were handed to actors who steered clear of controversy during the year that was, Alden Richards would be deserving of one.

In a brief chat with the GMA actor, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked what he wants to receive this Christmas.

Alden, who transformed from boy-next-door to Cosmopolitan Magazine hunk this year, jokingly inquired if he could just mention what he doesn’t want to get instead.

“Instead of something that I want, can it be something that I don’t want?” he said, drawing laughter from his interviewer.

“Hindi, joke lang. Parang ang labo!” the actor took back, adding an explanation, “Kasi pag ‘I don’t want,’ marami, e!

“Ayaw ko ng pigurin, ayaw ko ng unan, ayaw ko ng stuff toys!”

The truth is, Alden is not materialistic.

“Actually, anything would do, kasi the effort of the presentor, parang the fact na binilhan ka niya ng gift, means you’re special to him or her.”

But insisted that he mention at least one item he'd love to possess. A new watch perhaps?

In his previous interview for PEPtalk, Alden mentioned that he specifically invests on watches.

Among his possessions is a black and gold Emporio Armani sports watch.

Alden Richards

“I wanted sana a TAG Heuer brand, a TAG Heuer watch,” he shyly revealed.

“Kahit isa lang.”

A watch collector like Alden could certainly use a classic Swiss from TAG Heuer’s Carrera series.

In particular, the Calibre 1887 automatic chronograph Jack Heuer edition, is made out of sapphire crystal and features an anti-scratch surface.

The luxury watch costs $7,800.





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