PEP Gift Guide Day 61: Lexi Schulze shares family beauty must-haves

IMAGE Demai G. Sunio-Granali

Since becoming a mom to daughters Alba and Bruna, Lexi Schulze has changed the way she shops at beauty counters: prioritizing skin care products that can be used by the whole family instead of makeup items.

61 DAYS TO GO. As host of ABS-CBN News Channel's lifestyle show Cityscape, 36-year-old Lexi Schulze is obliged to stay "kikay."

Her usual shopping trip is never finished without stopping by a beauty counter.

But with a husband and two daughters to think of, Lexi makes sure she follows her "smart mom-shopper rule": To focus on products that serve the whole family a purpose.

She refrains from buying a lot of makeup these days, saying, "Because with lipstick and makeup, you always experiment, like with different colors and palettes...

"Now, I only buy the things that I can use everyday."

In a short chat with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) recently, Lexi reveals two of her favorite skin care products that can be great gift ideas for the holidays.

“You know, VMV Hypoallergenics have these gift packages that they do for the holidays.

"They're so witty and kitschy with their design and with their statements that they make for really fabulous Christmas presents.

“But what I can suggest, since we're a tropical country, the Armada Sport 70."


VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70 sunblock at P2,330 for 185-gram bottle or P1,680 for 85-gram bottle.

"It is always a good Christmas gift because everybody needs sunblock any time of the year.

“And it's good for the whole family because it comes in a really big container, so everyone loves it when I give them Armada for Christmas.”

Another staple in her shopping bag is the all-around Grandma Minnie's The Big, Brave Boo-boo Balm.

VMV Hypoallergenics Grandma Minnie's The Big, Brave Boo-boo Balm at 1,080 for 15-gram pot or P600 for 8-gram pot.

"I don't go without their Boo-boo Balm.

"I just have it with me everyday because it's something that you just put on everything and it makes you feel better.

"From, you know, a little fuego in your mouth to maybe a pimple, you can use it.”

The brand describes it like a "swiss army knife" for the skin as it provides "quick, ouchless healing for various cuts, nicks, scrapes, rashes, even minor burns."


It also doubles as a balm for chapped lips, can soothe and soften extremely dry patches of skin, and can be used as a hair fly-away tamer, and an eyebrow shaper.





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