My passport to safe and secure files... and South Korea!


On WD'sMy Passport Ultra, Jim Welsh, executive vice president and general manager for branded products and consumer electronics groups, says, “Adding WD SmartWare Pro technology with auto backup and password protection to one of the industry's fastest interfaces and largest capacity drives gives consumers the convenience and peace of mind to enjoy, share, and protect their personal digital content everywhere they go.”

When asked about gadgets that celebrities can not live without, top-of-mind answers are phones, laptops, and cameras.

Most people forget the one thing that can store their countless photos, videos, movie files, and important documents—the external hard drive.

With some help from WD®, a Western Digital (NASDAQ: WDC) company, here are basic things you need to know when buying an external hard drive:

1. Safety and security. Create a back-up copy for your valuable data so whatever happens to your laptop or tablet, your files are safe.

WD recently launched My Passport® Ultra™, which has a built-in WD SmartWare™ Pro, responsible for automatically integrating files with Dropbox.

Another concern is the possible leak of files once you lose your external hard drive.

The featured product offers “hardware encryption and password protection to safeguard against unauthorized drive access.”

2. Storage capacity. Measured in gigabytes or terabytes (1 gigabyte is 1 billion bytes; 1 terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes or 1 trillion bytes), size will depend on your requirement.

When shopping, consider the overall price and the price per gigabyte.

“My Passport Ultra portable hard drives are protected by a three-year limited warranty and are available at select retailers and distributed by EA Global Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. and Axis Global Technologies Inc.”

Suggested Retail Price is P3,390 for 500 GB; P4,290 for 1 TB; P7,290 for 2 TB.

3. Connectivity. underlines the need for speed.

The featured product claims to have a “super-fast USB 3.0”—which promises faster transfer rates and increased maximum bus power.

4. Rotation speed. This, according to, is an important factor in the performance.


"The higher the rotational speed of the drive, the more data [it] can read and write from your computer.

"Most home computer internal hard drives rotate at 7200 rpm."

4. Design and durability. This matters to some who do not have enough space in their bag or sleeve. Go for anything slim or compact!

My Passport Ultra, by the way, is available in four colors. It also comes with a protective pouch.

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