PEPtalk. Doug and Cheska Kramer reveal what it's like to have kids like Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin

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Who's makulit, malambing, and "chill" among the three Kramer kids? Watch the PEPtalk episode now and find out!

For all the fans of Team Kramer, Doug and Cheska share bits of trivia about their adorable kids—Kendra, 4; Scarlett, 2; Gavin, 1.

Who’s the most makulit?

“Si Scarlett,” Doug said immediately. “She doesn’t stop, e. Like an Energizer Bunny.”

Cheska added, “Iba yung personality kasi ni Scarlett, e. She’s very matapang also, e.”

Who is the more maarte between the two girls?

“Kendra,” Doug and Cheska chorused.

“She’s really a kikay girl,” smiled Cheska. “I could see myself in her.”

Who is the more pilya?

“Scarlett,” answered Cheska.

She then told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that just by giving her the look, Kendra would behave right away. Scarlett, however, would close her eyes and pretend to sleep.

When asked who’s the most malambing, Doug and Cheska gave different answers, relating stories about Kendra and Scarlett’s best lambing moments.

Trait-wise, Kendra got most of her traits from mommy Cheska.

The mestiza actress described, “Matampuhin, maselos."

When asked if Kendra got anything from her dad, Doug smiled and joked, “Yun lang, yung puwet niya.”

Scarlett though "is her own self," said Cheska.

Doug threw in, “She’s really independent."

Lastly, Gavin is the most "chill" among the three kids.

Laughing, Cheska said, “Everybody can fight in front of him and he’ll be like, ‘Ok, so long as I’m not part of that!’”

And since Christmas is just around the corner, are there any wishes the Kramers want for Christmas?

Watch: PEPtalk. Doug and Cheska Kramer reveal what it is like to have kids like Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin





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