Nutritionist Nadine Tengco on facts and myths about weight loss; shares 12 important things about juicing

Dec 23, 2013
Cristalle Belo's Sexy Solutions has organized a 45-minute workshop with nutritionist Nadine Tengco, who advises "Drink your veggies; eat your fruit."

The Christmas season presents the best excuse to cheat on your diet regimen and fitness routine.

The New Year, however, is the time to atone for your lapses and make resolutions, such as shedding off those extra pounds and leading a healthier life.

But what if losing weight is an uphill battle for you? What if exercising and dieting do not seem to have an effect on your measurements?

Nadine Tengco, nutrition expert of Sexy Solutions by Belo, has some helpful insights about your body.

At a health workshop held on December 18, Nadine enlightened a select group of press people about fats.

“It’s not the fats that make you fat. It’s the inflammation that causes fats,” she began.

The Biggest Loser nutritionist said it has been her “nightmare for three years” and got so “obsessed” with it.

And the inflammation she was talking about had nothing to do with a wound or sugat.

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“When you’re inflammatory, every calorie you eat is stored as fat.

“Even if you’re dieting or exercising, your body is not efficient at processing food that’s why it’s stored as fat.

“It sends off a whole host of hormones that makes your body store fats. It signals the response of fear.

“Inflammation is fear.”

And one way of stopping the inflammation is detoxification through “juicing,” which yields three amazing results:

1. Your body is cleansed and will absorb the nutrients better.

2. Toxins are removed and metabolism restarts.

3. Your body is fed with what it only needs.

How is this accompished?

Here are ten sexy solutions you should know so that you can claim, “Sexy na ako sa 2014!”

1. Ooopps, did you find your weight-loss program on Google? Nadine said, most templates available are “created for men.”

“Usually, fitness nutrition is about high protein, low carb, low sugar, it’s about the insulin response of the body, without considering this whole set of complex of female hormones.”

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2. Heart disease is caused by cholesterol? While it is true that cholesterol clogs the heart, the actual cause is “inflammation.”

Nadine added, “When cholesterol oxidizes, it causes inflammation. It’s a marker for diabetes, an inflammatory disease.”

According to her, menstrual pain and obesity are also caused by inflammation.

3. You are thin yet you have a salbabida. Why? Nadine revealed the two culprits: sugar and stress.

“If you’re not overindulging in sugar, it is stress,” she reiterated.

4. Did you know that not feeding your body correctly after exercising is a form of physical stress?

This may be the reason why some people do not lose weight even if they bike or run almost every day.

5. Junk foods and skipping meals are also a form of stress that “continues sending signals that you eat and eat."

Nadine resumed, “If one day you decide, I’m gonna eat healthy, your body’s not gonna listen. It’s not going to respond. It’s not going to absorb nutrients.”

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6. Not sleeping leads to weight gain not because it triggers hunger pangs.

Nadine underlined that whether you give in or not, you will still gain weight because your body is stressed out, thus, telling your body to store fats.

She added, “Amino acids are going to work over time so you’re going to want a lot.”

7. Juicing is not as simple as picking your favorite fruits and putting them all in a juicer.

The easiest combination: cucumber with apple and carrots.

8. “Do not juice your apple or you’ll just give your body a shot of sugar.”

The ideal process: Drink your vegetables; eat your fruit.

9. Ever wonder why some blenders or juicers are a lot more expensive?

Invest on high-speed blenders for your vegetables to have “shorter blending time,” which “unlocks the maximum amount of nutrients, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.’

The usual centrifugal juicers are cheaper, but contact with their blades produces heat and kills some of the enzymes. You should consume it immediately.

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Cold Press/ Masticating Juicers cost 12,000 pesos up. They sort of chew the fruit and vegetables “resulting in more fiber, enzymes, vitamins, and trace minerals.”

It can also extract juice from “leaves and grasses, like wheatgrass, spinach, lettuce, parsley, and other leafy vegetables and herbs.”

Lastly, the low speed increases shelf life.

10. Juicing for life? Think again. You may be losing weight, but also depriving your body of what it needs.

Nadine advised “intermittent cleansing” every fifth day of your period when your hormones are down.

11. For her part, Cristalle Belo, managing director of Sexy Solutions, recommended eating small portions every three to four hours.

12. And if you have the extra money to spend, Sexy Detox Drinks may achieve faster results with Sexy Solutions’ melt fat-lighten skin-tone muscle philosophy.

Cristalle also stressed that losing weight, in any way you do it, is “not a quick fix, but a quick start.”

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Nadine threw in, “And it should not make you look dry and dull.”

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Cristalle Belo's Sexy Solutions has organized a 45-minute workshop with nutritionist Nadine Tengco, who advises "Drink your veggies; eat your fruit."
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