TECH: Change the way you watch TV with TVolution

IMAGE Demai G. Sunio-Granali

Beside PLDT's Ariel Fermin (left) and Gary Dujali (right) is a small vignette of what a "connected home" looks like. At the center of every Filipino home is a television, which is connected to a powerful broadband connection that allows you to communicate with other people via the Internet, as well as watch TV shows and movies on demand right in the comforts your living room.

(Inset) The small but powerful TVolution gadget, which turns ordinary TV into In

Over the last few decades, entertainment has made such a huge impact on our lives that we practically couldn’t let a day or a week pass by without watching a TV show or a movie.

Many of us, especially Filipino families, consider entertainment as a way of bonding with our loved ones or friends, through the shared the experience of witnessing a story unfold before our eyes.

This 2014, many changes are to be expected in the way we consume entertainment, like enjoying your favorite shows anytime without having to rush through traffic just to get home in time or finding a new movie on the Internet that doesn’t take ages to download.

The telecommunications company PLDT has just introduced a new multimedia brand that promises to change the way we communicate, as well as how we consume entertainment.

In an intimate gathering last January 8, at the PLDT office in Makati, vice president and head of Home business Ariel Fermin met with few members of the media to talk about what his group has to offer.


“We have gone beyond telecommunications,” he said as a brief introduction of PLDT Home, the new umbrella brand that houses four existing communications services—MyDSL, Bro, Telpad, and Fibr.

The latest of the four is Fibr, a broadband connection running on fiber optic technology, which is said to be faster and more reliable with its dedicated speeds of up to 100 Mbps (megabits per second).

In the last couple of years, Internet consumption in the Philippines has rapidly increased, with entertainment consumption being one of the top reasons why people go to the web.

The Internet has evolved so much in recent time that it is not just used for accessing e-mails or browsing other work-related stuff, but also as a source of finding entertainment for many people.

The role that Gary Dujali, head of the Fibr group, and his team plays in the entertainment scene today is to give home viewers more options for their television.


“We call it TVolution,” says Gary.

“It’s actually just a small gadget—a small but powerful gadget—that turns your ordinary TV into Internet TV.

“It runs on your Fibr connection, and it allows you to watch movies, it allows you to watch TV series, it allows you to browse whatever’s in your computer.”

TVolution has a database of about 300 (and counting) Hollywood movies, including fresh 2013 releases, like Man Of Steel, The Conjuring, The Great Gatsby, and Pacific Rim.

“And this is all legit, ha. Hindi pirated ito, so this is really great,” he adds in jest.

Furthermore, Gary boasted of the movies’ quick downloading time because the files are already pre-loaded.

Apart from Hollywood films, which can be accessed through the movies-on-demand website, TVolution also allows you to watch your favorite local TV shows.

“We are partners with, which has a huge database of local telenovelas and also Koreanovelas, so this is something that local showbiz fans will like a lot.


"It’s basically like TV on demand,” Gary says.

Included in the site’s database are several GMA Network shows, like My Beloved, Panday Kids, Majika, and Broken Vow.

It also includes local movies such as Let The Love Begin, Batanes, and One True Love; and Koreanovelas dubbed in Tagalog, like Sweet 18, Petty Romance, and Kim Sam Soon.

Gary also notes the affordable price point of this service, which is simply an add-on to your basic landline connection at home.

“TVolution is only P199 monthly on top of your Fibr plan!”

LOOKING FORWARD. After this first quarter launch, several other innovations are in the pipeline, according to Ariel.

“You know, kung tutuusin, medyo huli na tayo, e.

"This kind of technology that we offer, in other countries it’s being used for so many other things.

“Beyond communication and entertainment, there’s home security, iyong mga CCTV cameras all around the house, you can manage from here [Telpad].


“Then, there’s also home automation, like, you can check your electricity consumption… ang dami, ang daming possibilities.

“And very, very soon, magkakaroon din tayo niyan. Nasa plano lahat iyan, so iyan ang abangan natin.

"For now, we're really just building the connectivity. It’s really all about connectivity.”


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