Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo goes to great lengths to give her child 100 percent nourishment

TV and film icon Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo bonds with son Lucho Agoncillo over a glass of Lactum 3+, which provides children with all the essential nutrients found in the food pyramid.


From the big screen to television, there’s no denying the exemplary acting skills of one of the Best Actresses of her generation, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo.

But of all the roles that she has played, there is one that is closest to her hear —being a mother, who prioritizes the 100% nourishment of her children.

MEALTIME BECOMES ACTING TIME. “Lumalabas ang acting skills ko every mealtime,” Juday shares in between hearty laughter.

She knows very well how tough it is to convince her four-year-old son Lucho to finish his meals, especially with all the distractions around him.

The award-winning actress ought not to be out outshined by toys, so she users her talent, combined with her "mommy powers," to get Lucho in the mood for mealtime.

From being a funny clown to an action star, to a courageous airplane pilot and a classic teleserye bida, Juday explores the depths of her acting skills just to get Lucho to attention.

However, she admits that no matter how convincing her performance is, there would still be instances when she wouldn't just couldn't get that coveted "award."

LACTUM: PARTNER OF 100% PANATAG MOM JUDY ANN. Amidst that challenge, Judy Ann finds comfort in knowing that she has found the perfect co-star in giving Lucho the 100% nourishment he, and every child, deserves.

Lactum 3+, together with three balanced meals a day, has been proven effective by Panatag Mom Juday to give 100% nourishment to her child.

Her eldest daughter, nine-year-old Yohan, is a living testament to this and she has since graduated to drinking Lactum 6+.

With this experience, Juday recommends Lactum 3+ and 6+ to all moms out there who wish to provide their children with all the essential nutrients found in the food groups of the food pyramid.

“From Yohan to Lucho at susunod ko pang mga anak, panatag ako kasi I have Lactum as my partner,” says Panatag Mom Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo.






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