Richard Yap and his functional fashion

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Richard Yap's "clean, casual, current" style made him the perfect embodiment for the timeless appeal of Giordano, says Lloyd Lim (not in photo), the company's vice president for business development.

On March 5, 2014, Richard Yap was launched as the first-ever local ambassador of Giordano Philippines.

Known for his “clean and casual” look, the Kapamilya star—according to Lloyd Lim, the vice president for business development—matches the timeless appeal of the brand.

Lim said, “They always have [the] mentality to act local, think global, so for me, Richard Yap represents our brand very well…I think, he's gonna add dimension to our Korean ambassadors and also for the global…to our ambassadors around the globe.”

While most retail clothing stores rely on younger endorsers, this 33-year-old HongKong brand “doesn’t depend on age group.”

Lim added, “We are not racist with the age…our clothes is for everyone so it ruled out strangers.”

But one of the deciding factors in choosing Richard was his “functional” fashion.

The lead actor of Be Careful With My Heart affirmed that he goes for “high-quality materials and craftsmanship.”

More than the style, he would see how comfortable it will be when he wears it and how long will he be able to wear it.

Ser Chief (Richard’s popular character) elaborated, “I think their product is using the latest in fabric technology, and every piece is perfectly made.”

He mentioned that the jeans and shirts he bought way, way back are still in his closet. Of the latter, he quipped, “Pantulog na ngayon.”

Not to mention, “…with Giordano, I think all their products will fit my busy lifestyle and I know that I will look good wherever I go.

“And I like their classic and timeless pieces, it really sticks to me.”

Richard’s face will soon be visible on the brand’s summer campaign titled A Linen Story. The collection will be all about the “lightweight linen,” which is cool, absorbent, and durable.

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