Alden Richards advocates a two-week all-meat diet program to keep fit

IMAGE Rizza C. Benedicto

Alden Richards believes that beyond working out and dieting, a positive outlook in life helps in encouraging oneself to stay fit.

“Positive outlook in life, that’s how I keep myself fit,” says Alden Richards when asked about how he keep his body fit.

In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on Friday, March 7, at the GMA Network Center, the 21-year-old Kapuso actor shared how he squeezes time for his fitness regime from his busy schedule.

EATING RIGHT. If you can't do workouts regularly, Alden advises making up for it by eating properly, “Eating right is the key.

“If you don’t have time to work out, as much as possible eat right, number one yun, e.

"What really matters is what you gain inside your body.

"So it’s about diet and being positive every day.”

Alden is also very open about going for non-invasive cosmetic procedures if they're necessary to his career in showbiz.

“Ako kasi I also do it with Belo,” the actor admitted.

He explained, “So there’s nothing wrong naman with it as long as it doesn’t affect you inside.

"Hindi naman maapektuhan yung normal routine ng katawan mo, it’s not bad.

“Parang ako kasi when I do something with Belo and I am seeing results, so it’s not bad.

“Since a busy schedule gets in the way of maintaining our physical looks, it’s okay."

SEVEN-MINUTE WORKOUT. Alden suggests that people who are too busy can download a smartphone 7-minute workout application, which can easily be done daily.

He said, “Mag-download lang kayo ng 7-minute workout sa appstore.

“It’s a 7-minute workout, no weights needed, just body weight or mga basic things inside your house.

“When I have time I do it, I jump rope, run sometimes."

ATKINS DIET. Alden flaunted his well-toned body at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash in September last and did it again for the current cover of the Men’s Health Philippines magazine.


He revealed that he is an advocate of the Atkins diet, a two-week all-meat regimen.

According to, the Atkins diet involves limited consumption of carbohydrates to switch the body's metabolism from metabolizing glucose as energy to converting stored body fat to energy.

According to Alden, "the Atkins two-week program is an all-meat, no carb, no sugar diet, and no veggie diet.

"So it’s all meat basically.

"For protein you just eat eggs, and if you crave for [coffee or soda] just drink light or non-caffeine soft drink.

“Yung Atkins kasi is a diet wherein puputulin mo yung intake mo ng carbs so your body will burn fat from your energy.

"Since we don’t eat rice, yung katawan mo maghahanap siya ng ibu-burn niya, so yon yung stored fats, that’s what it’ll burn for energy.

"After doing Atkins for two weeks straight, bawal ang cheating kasi you’ll go back to zero.

“Like you eat a piece of cake, back to zero ka.

"Really, you have to follow it strictly.”

THE RESULTS. After following the two-week program, Alden has observed that his craving for rice has lowered.

“Yung sweets medyo talagang nag graduate na ako I don’t like chocolates, cakes, ice creams or whatever.

“Your snacks will be chicharon or anything na meat.

“Okay na ako sa non-caffeine soft drinks.”

Alden recommends consulting with a doctor before starting the Atkins diet because there's a risk that the sudden change in your eating regimen may stress your kidneys.

“Kasi you take a lot of protein and it also involves fat.

"So if you want to try it, it's best to consult a doctor first.

STRUGGLE. Following a strict diet regimen did not come easy for Alden, "Na-conquer ko pero it’s really a hard diet, nakakainit talaga ng ulo.”


Alden admitted it took a lot of effort to keep his cool while following the diet discipline, mostly because of his busy schedule.

He said, “Buti na lang wala akong soap that time pero I was doing events, guestings... talagang mahirap.

“You really have to control your temper, nakakainit ng ulo kasi when you are deprived of something na gusto mng gawin or kainin.

"So it really involves a lot of discipline.”

His parting shot, “Anything in moderation is good."





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