Sarah Geronimo imparts self-confidence to teens

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Sarah Geronimo on being a role model: “It comes with a lot of responsibility. I have to be careful with the projects that I accept, ‘yong role na ginagampanan ko. Siyempre, you have to consider din ‘yong maturity mo as a person, as an actor, and as an artist—dapat balanse lahat."

At 25, Sarah Geronimo appreciates that she remains a source of inspiration to a lot of teenagers.

“Siyempre, it’s a joy in my heart knowing na a lot of teens nga admire what I do,” Sarah said in an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) after her photo shoot for Rexona’s Do The Moves campaign.

“Kasi, ‘yon naman ang nakikita nila sa akin, more than ‘yong life story ko.

“Kasi, teenagers pa sila, nakikita nila ako bilang artista, bilang performer, compared doon sa mga nauna na alam na ang life story ko.

“Siyempre, masarap sa pakiramdam. It’s a great thing.”

Sarah is aware that being a role model to the youth entails a huge responsibility.

The Popstar Princess averred, “It’s also a challenging thing, big thing, kasi nga hindi biro ang parang maging role model ng mga kabataan.

“Siyempre, I also aged, 25 na rin ako, hindi na rin ako teenager.

“It comes with a lot of responsibility.

“I have to be careful with the projects that I accept, ‘yong role na ginagampanan ko.

“You have to consider din ‘yong maturity mo as a person, as an actor, and as an artist—dapat balanse lahat.”

SELF-ASSURED. Sarah said she feels confident about her decision to return as one of the mentors in The Voice of the Philippines Season 2.

She remembered the comments questioning her ability to be one of the coaches in the first season of the US show franchise.

“Actually, while doing the first season, ang daming detractors, ang daming negative comments, di ba?

“Like, I don’t deserve to be one of the judges, I don’t deserve to be one of their mentors.

“So, parang napanghinaan ako ng loob. Parang, ‘Oh, my goodness, last ko na talaga ‘to. Hindi ko na uulitin ‘to.’”

The put-downs, however, did not discourage Sarah from wanting to share with a team of aspiring singers her experience and know-how as an accomplished performer.


And it works both ways because, according to her, she herself acquired new knowlege about her craft during her first stint in the reality singing contest.

“Noong natapos ‘yong journey, ang daming realizations, ang daming learnings.

“Parang nakita ko sa sarili ko na may growth na naibigay sa akin ‘yong show, personally and professionally.

“So, why won't I do the second season kung alam ko na makakatulong naman sa akin?

“At ang importante sa lahat, naniniwala pa rin sa akin ang management,” she affirmed.

With that, she said, "Mas may confidence na ako when giving my opinions, kung anuman ‘yong nalalaman ko, and sharing kung ano ang alam ko sa mga contestants.”

STAGE PRESENCE. For the past 10 years, Sarah has performed in different places here and abroad.

In fact, she said, she is never more sure of herself than when she is on stage performing.

“Whenever I’m performing on stage, lalo na kapag nagsi-sing and dance ako, especially when I know the song by heart and I love the song that I’m singing at nakaka-relate ako sa song, ‘yon talaga ang confident ako,” she said.

But, despite reaping so many successes both as a singer and an actress, Sarah admitted that she has not quite gotten over her stage fright.

“Naku, hindi lang po nerbiyos, todo-todong nerbiyos every time!” she said, adding that she recovers just as quickly as she hears the applause.

“Ang laking tulong ng applause ng mga tao, ‘yon bang appreciation nila kapag nagpe-perform ka.”

So, once she reappears on stage, Sarah would feel confident again.

Her aplomb while performing is also what gets the audience. How does she do it?

She replied, “You just really enjoy what you do, enjoy the song, understand the content of the song na kinakanta mo, and be lost in the message or story of the song para masha-shutdown mo sila.


“Pero importante pa rin na may connection ka sa kanila.”

Sarah's advise to aspiring singers is to be confident about themselves because "you’re able to do more, you can express yourself freely, and it feels like nothing will hold you back.

“So, mas nae-enjoy mong gawin kung ano ‘yong dapat mong gawin.”

This summer, Sarah will join Enique Gil, Elmo Magalona, and in encouraging teens to feel confident about themselves in the new campaign of Rexona called "Do The Moves."





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