Saab Magalona offers tips to new bloggers

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This is how Saab Magalona introduces her blog Spell Saab: "I would tell you about myself but I feel that would be too narcissistic - like having a blog all about what goes on in my life. And in my head. Oh wait."

Diaries have evolved into an online journal. Through blogs you can share your thoughts, passions, and even your rants. Blogging lets you write about anything under the sun.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to include your deepest darkest secrets. Those go to your trusty "offline" journal.

Blogger and actress Saab Magalona shares what makes her blog “click” to help you get started.

First thing, “Just make sure that you live a really interesting life outside of your blog,” Saab says.

"You have to go out there and see what’s fun, what’s exciting. Keep it original," she adds.

Fashion blogger Ashley Dy also gives some tips on how to get your blog “out there.”

Tip Number 1: Fix Your Layout. There are many platforms you can use—Tumblr, Wordpress, or Blogger for starters. Default layouts are also available, but you can customize it once you learn the ropes in HTML and CSS.

Or you can ask your IT friend to design one for you and if all else fails, lots of sites also have customized layouts available for free.

Tip Number 2: Use your unique experiences as starting point. Ashley blogs about her OOTD’s (outfits of the day, which were featured in our sister site,,) and travel experiences through

“I started blogging in a very random way. I was interning before my university graduation and I got a little bored.

"So every lunchtime, my friend will help me take photos of my outfit then I'll post it on my blog,” she explains.


Saab, on the other hand, writes about books, music, and her everyday life in

She adds spice to her typical day by adding random tidbits to make her posts blog-worthy.

So, choose a subject you’re naturally inclined to, and then start building your blog from there.

Tip Number 3: Stay on the course, be consistent. Readers go to your blog for content. You’ll lose followers if you leave them hanging, like not posting anything new for any length of time.

It’s also important to find your “tone” that your target readers can identify with.

Tip Number 4. Do what you love. Blogs are your own personal space, a world of your own, have fun with it and don’t forget the main reason why you’re blogging.

Blog because it’s something you love to do.

Have you started your own blog yet? Or you have one running already?

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