Miss Teen Earth Philippines winner Vanessa Walters pushes Solid Waste Management projects

IMAGE Rizza C. Benedicto

The 14-year old Filipino-Australian Vanessa Walters is Miss Teen Earth Philippines 2014.

She said her goal is to help raise awareness on Solid Waste Management in the country. She also admitted having a huge crush on PBB All-In housemate, Daniel Matsunaga.

Imagine an ordinary boyish girl walking in the mall, not realizing her fate as Miss Teen Earth Philippines 2014 would be sealed that day.

The 14-year old Fil-Australian Vanessa Walters relates her journey to becoming Miss Teen Earth Philippines in this interview of PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last June 24, at Gandiva Café, Ortigas, Pasig City.

She recalls, “There’s this person who came up to me and asked me, 'Hi, would you like to join [Miss Teen Earth]?'

"Surprisingly I was dolled up already, I had a dress on.

"I already had the heels on to go on stage, that’s the good thing about it.

“So I said why not give it a try so I sat there for around 30 minutes and I’ve been watching girls getting rejected.”

Vanessa says that it was her first pageant and she nailed it!

She reveals, “This is my first ever pageant and surprisingly I wasn’t a person or a girl who is interested in beauty pageants.

“I was somewhat like a tomboy.”

She recalls being elated after bagging the crown, “It felt very amazing, I must say.

“My life after Miss Teen Earth, to be honest, has changed.

"And I am taking this as an experience and, you know, I am very willing to do my very best to be an earth ambassadress to really do good for the environment."

RESPONSIBILITY. Along with the crown, responsibilities are also passed on to the reigning Miss Teen Earth.

During her reign, Vanessa wants to focus on the country’s Solid Waste Management program, which she believes needs public attention.


She explains, “My environmental advocacy is concerning Solid Waste Management here in the Philippines.

“On that, I think the schoolkids here in the Philippines need to be educated more on environment [issues].

“Because our environment here is bad, to be honest. We need to work as one to really clean up our environment, to really help [preserve] our ecosystem."

ADVOCACY. She informs PEP that her advocacy to raise the awareness of schoolchildren on environment issues will start in January, she hopes.

“My environmental advocacy is mainly concerned about environmental education and hopefully I can implement that [soon].

“We’re still thinking about what [specific] projects we’re going to do [to help meet] our environment needs today.”

For now, Vanessa contributes by doing the basics, “I do the usual, the 3Rs, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

“I’m doing the basic like throwing the garbage," she says to set a good example to others.

CRUSHES. When asked about her crushes the 14-year-old blushes as she admits, “He’s actually in PBB [Pinoy Big Brother]… Daniel Matsunaga.

"He’s so gwapo, he’s so good looking. He draws my attention and he has a very good heart."

She confides how her attraction to the Brazilian actor begun during the parade in Sinulog earlier this year.

“We were walking and he was on the float and he just caught my eye and my friend was like, ‘Hey, look it’s Daniel Matsunaga.’

“And I said, ‘Who’s that good-looking guy on the float?’


“He was so attractive; I just wanted to stare at him.

“He was pointing at me and he was making a love heart [sign].

"He always does that but for him to do that to me was just so attractive.

"And besides, he’s a good guy, he's kind and a sincere person.”





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