How Denise Laurel achieves “the perfect swish” for her hair

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Denise Laurel at the launch of Pantene Aqua Pure last June 23 at the Sunset Pavilion of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

“My hair is my face," says Denise Laurel at the launch of Pantene Aqua Pure on June 23.

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She resumes, stressing the importance of giving her hair and face equal attention, "I can have no make-up on, no kilay on, as long as my hair is bright and smelling good.”

But hair care is not exactly as simple as shampooing and conditioning or getting a haircut regularly.

Did you know the certain conditioners may not be what your hair needs?

Here are five facts you need to know to achieve “healthier and lighter” hair...

1. The key is finding the right product for your hair type.

Once you notice your hair feeling lifeless and weighed-down, your conditioner may possibly be the culprit because some are “too heavy for fine hair.”

According to Pantene experts, “When hair shafts are fine, they are less able to support the nourishing ingredients deposited on the hair by many conditioners, leading hair to become limp.”


2. There is a phenomenon called the “Limp Locks Syndrome,” to which the “hair gradually loses its fresh weightless feel after washing and becomes limp and flat throughout the day.”

How to revive it?

First step is getting a haircut.

3. There's this new product called Aqua Pure which has a “clean-rinse technology.”

How does this help?

Because it rinses away faster than other shampoos, the amount of residue left on the hair is minimized, thus, making it "feel clean and light."

4. Less silicones in shampoos!

According to, “silicones coat the hair to make it appear sleeker, frizz-free and healthier…

"They also add a bit of weight to give fine, fragile hair substance.”

The caveat: it gives “temporary smoothing effect.”

5. How a structure called "Lamellar Gel Network" can help...

In layman's term, some "thin layers of ingredients" were used "in lower than usual concentrations." This way, they can easily be broken apart and rinsed away.


The result: nourished but not weighed-down hair!

That's because the conditioning ingredients are "easily deposited on the hair, and the rest is easily rinsed off."

Back to Denise, she remarked, "My hair is my power!"

But before we all can say the same, check if your hair can do "the perfect swish."


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