Julia Barretto encourages teens to embrace inner beauty

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Julia Barretto defines real beauty as relative: “It depends on your personality and how you are with other people, how sensitive you are with the people you’re with, and how you present yourself.”

Julia Barretto encourages young people like her to feel more beautiful about themselves.

As one of the beauty ambassadors of Pond’s, the 17-year-old Kapamilya actress said that teens should also give importance to inner beauty apart from taking care of their skin.

She confides to PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “When I was young I always thought beauty was all about being beautiful and all.

“Then, when you actually grow up, you’ll realize that beauty is not actually all about the outside.

“It depends on your personality and how you are with other people, how sensitive you are with the people you’re with, and how you present yourself. I think that’s what matters the most.

“I think that’s what makes you more beautiful, your personality is just as beautiful as what you are on the outside.”

Julia thinks it’s also timely that the beauty brand she endorses is boosting women’s confidence with a promise to make them feel more beautiful than they ever imagined.

The Mirabella star says, “It’s a nice promise to the girls who never imagined that they’re actually beautiful than they are now and that it's possible that you can feel good about yourself, with Pond’s.

“I think it’s a good promise because as a girl you wish to be beautiful and have confidence in yourself.

“It’s nice that Pond’s will help you out with that.”

The young Barretto also stresses the importance of self- acceptance especially to teens who are experiencing major changes in their appearance.


“That’s the puberty stage, at some point you’ll really overcome that stage,” Julia says.

“But with the physical changes and all, I think it’s the acceptance of how you really look.

“I mean, if you have a flaw that you can’t change, you can’t do anything about it but to accept it.”

ROLE MODEL. Speaking of changes, Julia believes that she doesn’t have to change anything about herself as she becomes a role model to many teens.

“You don’t have to change yourself for people to like you or to look up to you,” she says.

“When I was nine up to this day na I’m a teen actress, nothing has changed.

“I’m still myself. I think the people who love me are the ones who are real supporters.”

What does she think about getting more and more admirers?

“It’s actually really flattering also. It’s nakakakilig naman to know that there’s such a thing, e. I’m just being myself.

“So for people to look up to you, to love you for who you are, it’s nice.”





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