Julia Barretto wishes to work with John Lloyd Cruz

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While Julia Barretto enjoys being part of a loveteam, she also hopes to work with more seasoned male actors in the future. Her reason, “I wanna grow as an actor also. That’s how you’re gonna learn more, mag-e-expand ang knowledge mo.”

Julia Barretto wants to take her acting career seriously.

This is what the 17-year-old actress is coming to as a maturing young star.

In a recent interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Julia admitted that she used to be carefree when she was still a child star.

“Siyempre, when you’re nine, you’re not aware masyado.

“You just do what they’re telling you to do, you’re just acting, you’re just throwing your lines,” she recalled.

This changed when she returned from a short break, and was re-introduced as one of the teen stars in Star Magic Circle 2013.

Julia pondered, “When you’re much older, you see the importance of giving good performance for your audience.”

This led Julia to accepting roles that require her to be teamed up with fellow actors.

For example, in her recently concluded teleserye, MiraBella, Julia was paired with one of ABS-CBN’s young heartthrob Enrique Gil.

“During that break, like I said, you don’t really know what you wanna do because you’re just enjoying what’s happening in your life.

“When you’re more aware of certain things now, you’ll realize what you want, what you want to do,” said Julia when asked about agreeing to become part of a loveteam.

IMPROVING HER TALENT. However, like any other young actress who wants to improve her acting skills, Julia also dreams of successfully doing TV or movie projects on her own.

This is one of the reasons why the daughter of Marjorie Barretto wants to work with more established actors.

“I wanna be able to work with a lot of actors also,” she said.

“I don’t mind having a love team but I wanna come to the point na you know, I can survive a show, I can survive a movie na ako lang.


“If there’s a love team, I’d rather be able to work with a lot of actors because I wanna grow as an actor also.

“That’s how you’re gonna learn more, mag-e-expand ang knowledge mo.”

One actor she hopes to work with is John Lloyd Cruz.

She reasoned, “He’s a good actor. I feel that when you work with someone as good as him, marami kang matututunan.”

She reiterated, “Actually, that’s what you look forward to when working with veterans, madami kang matututunan bilang isang baguhan ka lang.”

In relation to this, Julia is also hoping to get more projects that will help her further develop her acting skill.

For her next project, the young Kapamilya actress expressed a wish, “Siguro something more mature than MiraBella.

“Siyempre, ang MiraBella mga teeny-teeny pa ‘yan.

“But you wanna grow, you wanna learn, you wanna tackle roles na nag-e-evolve din.”

Since she’s a Barretto, a known name in showbiz, does Julia also want to follow the trail of her older relations?

“We have different roles naman in the business.

“We’re all a Barretto but there’s something about us that will differentiate us from each other,” she said in the end.





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