BRAND BITS. Cignal TV now with Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound; food-meets-art exhibit La Cellule mounted

IMAGE Mike Caliwara

On July 11, French artists Emmanuelle Becquemin and Stephanie Sagot mounted Le Cellule in Greenbelt 5, where an interactive gallery fused the arts with food.

Cignal TV is once again setting a new standard in home TV viewing.

From pushing the boundaries of video clarity, the company is now offering enhanced audio with Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound.

This means that viewers can now have a cinematic experience, where they feel the intensity of an exploding bomb's loud "kaboom" and the morning wind's quiet hush.

This sound technology is already in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, India, and the Middle east.

Dolby Laboratories Regional Diretcor of Southeast Asia Leong-Yan Yoong says, "As high-definition broadcasts become widely available for viewers in Asia, a market leader such as Cignal TV is helping set the benchmark for a higher standard of home entertainement."

The first HD service was made available starting June 26 with Plan 1590 up.

LA CELLULE. Ever heard of the "floating buffet"?

It features helium balloons with boxes of edible delights hanging freely from the ceiling.

There's also "glory holes," to which the food is served from bare human arms protruding from the hole of a large cube container.


This July, the food-meets-art exhibit La Cellule featuring two French artists Emmanuelle Becquemin and Stephanie Sagot will be at the The Gallery of Greenbelt 5. Don't miss it!


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