Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano patiently wait for "forever"

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Paul Soriano on his relationship with Toni Gonzaga:"We’ve been together for seven years and I’d like to think that we’ve been both a blessing to each other, not just personally but also professionally. We’re thankful.”

Spending time with each other is quite a challenge for Toni Gonzaga, 30, and Paul Soriano, 31.

But lately, they get to work in the same projects like when Paul did a cameo appearance in Toni’s movie Starting Over Again.

Just recently, Toni has joined the roster of Pond’s celebrity endorsers and it so happened that Paul was launched earlier as one of the PondsMen ambassadors.

They both consider it a “blessing” since in their busy lives, they get to snatch some time together on those occasions.

Said Toni, “Nagka-time kami for each other dahil nagkita kami sa event.

"I guess were in the prime of our life. We’re working. There are a lot of opportunities.

"We’re just making the most out of it and saving for the future.” (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with Toni at the launch of Pond’s “Most Beautiful Stories” campaign held at The Peninsula Manila last Thursday, July 11.


When Paul approached Toni on stage after the event, they happily clapped each other’s hands, like two little kids, oblivious to the other stars standing nearby.

Toni later told PEP that it’s actually their “first time” to see each other “after a long time.”

In a separate interview, Paul added: “We love working together, but as much as possible we try to separate the profession.

"But this is fun being able to both endorse Pond’s. It’s a real blessing. It gives as an excuse to be together.”

Given their busy lifestyle, they run the risk of getting into fights when one or the other starts balking about the lack of time for getting together.

But after seven years of being together, Paul said that they’ve learned how to balance work with their personal lives.

“In every relationship, there’s always ups and downs.

"But what’s great about Toni and I, at least I can speak on my behalf, we make time. She does also.


“Especially her, sometimes she’s got three or four projects at the same time. She really makes the effort to keep the relationship work.”

Since they became a couple, it seems like they’ve both flourished in their respective careers.

To which Paul happily stated: “When Toni and I were just starting in 2007, I was doing concerts, AVPs, getting into commercials.

“We’ve been together for seven years and I’d like to think that we’ve been both a blessing to each other, not just personally but also professionally. We’re thankful.”

THE NEXT STEP. Through the years, Toni and Paul have always been peppered with questions about when they plan to settle down.

In his previous interviews, Paul kept saying that it’s going to be “very soon.” But perhaps they already know for sure they’re heading down that road so there’s no need to rush things.


“Definitely soon. I always say soon. I know we’ve been talking about it especially the last few months.

“There’s just a little bit more things we wanna do as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Once we take that leap, it’s forever. Marriage is forever.

“We just wanna be sure we’re both 110 percent ready. We’re almost there though,” Paul explained.

At this point, both Toni and Paul have so much going in their respective careers. And clearly, they don’t feel the pressure of other people’s expectations from a longtime couple like them.

Paul clarified, “There’s no pressure. That’s what’s nice about it. We don’t pressure each other. She doesn’t pressure me.

"Her family is very supportive. My family is very supportive.

“So, we really feel that everything works in God s time. When it’s God’s time, it’s the perfect time. And that’s what we’re waiting for.”


FINANCIALLY READY. But when it comes down to it, Paul maintained that he has been saving up for his future with Toni.

“Yeah, of course, when we do make that leap, I wanna make sure that I am able to provide her a home and all these things.

“Of course, personally, I’m able to save and kinda work towards that. It doesn’t hurt.”

Asked if he’s going to ask for Toni’s opinion once he starts building his own house, Paul replied, “I haven’t started building the home yet. But we ask each other for advice.

"So, definitely when the building happens, she will be a big part of that.”

Toni, for her part, agreed that she and Paul are saving for the future. “Siyempre, lahat naman ng babae they look for that stability sa partner nila and yung good future for both of them.

"I’m just really thankful na pareho yung tinatahak naming landas.”


But as always, Toni refused to set a deadline when it comes to tying the knot with Paul.

“Hindi ko nga alam. Hindi ko binibigyan ng exact date and time yung mga nangyayari. I’m just thankful sa lahat ng nangyayari ngayon.”


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