Coleen Garcia describes her fashion style as sexy but sophisticated

IMAGE Noel Orsal

It's Showtime host Coleen Garcia shares her top 5 fashion staples.

At the same time, she said she also wants something sexy, sophisticated, and elegant.

Coleen is often seen wearing something colourful and loud, explaining she goes for Katy Perry’s unique fashion style, "I like Katy Perry pero hindi yung pang everyday niya.

"When she’s performing I like her style... and she’s just so unique in her own way.

"Lady Gaga kasi masyadong unique for me, e. "

She said that she’s not the type who really follows what's trendy, "I don’t follow it too much I still stick to my own style but I like to mix it."

SNEAKERHEAD NO MORE. Coleen recalled that when she was starting in showbiz she went around in sneakers until her attention was called about it and she was reminded to wear something girly on screen.

She related, "When I started in showbiz dun lang ako naghi-heels.

"Coz before I was really into sneakers, I was really heavy into sneakers and the first part of It's Showtime also, every day talaga naka-sneakers ako but then they talked to me.

"And actually I realized also na I am becoming a woman already, I’m already 21 years old and when I was wearing sneakers I was a teenager so I guess it was a coming of age also that I am wearing heels more often now. "

COLEEN’S FAB 5. Coleen shared her five fashion staples.

1. Body con or body hugging dresses

3. High waist shorts

4. Shorts and tops





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