Only in YES! magazine: James Yap and girlfriend Michela’s prenuptial-inspired photo shoot & exclusive interview

IMAGE courtesy of YES! magazine

James Yap on Italy, the home country of girlfriend Michela Cazzola: “Maganda, ibang-iba...So mapapaisip ka, ‘Bakit nila nagawa ’yon?’”

Basketball superstar James Yap and his girlfriend, Italian expat Michela Cazzola, talk about their love story—how they met, when they became a couple, why they click, and where they want to take their relationship—in the August issue of YES! magazine.

James and Michela also share their travel tales and photos, particularly those taken in her home country, Italy.

“Maganda, ibang-iba,” James, a first-time visitor, says of what he saw in that European nation. “So mapapaisip ka, ‘Bakit nila nagawa ’yon?’”

“Ayoko lang ’yong lakad nang lakad!” he adds, laughing.

It turns out that James—a two-time Season Most Valuable Player of the Philippine Basketball Association who recently steered his team, San Mig Coffee Mixers, to its fourth title in a row and to a rare grand slam—likes running more than walking.

The couple also recall the first time Michela met James’s son Bimby.

“He was really nice,” she says of the seven-year-old boy. “I was surprised. He was extremely polite. I thought maybe, you know, he might have a mood or something. He’s a kid, and you’re the girlfriend of his father, so you never know, right? I could expect the worst. But no, he was so nice. He was so cute. He kissed me. His brother also.”

Michela also has good words for Bimby’s brother Josh, and the two boys’ mother, popular TV host and actress Kris Aquino.

So do we hear wedding bells for James and Michela? Find out in the August issue of YES! Magazine.

Also in the same issue, a feature on Korina Sanchez, her posh high-rise digs, and some insights into her long and colorful career as a broadcast journalist.

Plus, a collection of celebrity travels: Toni Gonzaga and her filmmaker-boyfriend Paul Soriano in New York; Alden Richards in Los Angeles; sweethearts Rocco Nacino and Lovi Poe in London, Paris, and Barcelona; Jessy Mendiola in Jeju Island, Korea; Kris Bernal in nine European countries; Julie Anne San Jose in New York; Mikael Daez in Costa Rica; Cristalle Belo in Balesin.






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