Edu Manzano talks about making lifestyle changes to keep fit

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Edu Manzano on having grandchildren, "The more, the merrier... Habang sila nageenjoy sa buhay, iiwan yung mga apo sa kanilang mga lolo."

“I realize that it’s time to appreciate life to its fullest,” Edu Manzano explains the lifestyle changes he's been making to stay fit.

“Everybody knows that I used to like to party before,” the actor says but now, "I've stopped smoking, stopped drinking hard stuff."

He's now more into food supplements, "Multivitamins and Iron helps me. [Vitamins B] 1, 6, 12 because I could feel tingling sensations, fiber for digestion, and I also take ascorbic acid everyday.

Moreoever, he's taking life less seriously, "I'm doing it very very light. I refuse to get stressed."

For help and encouragement in this new awareness, he says he turned to his family and friends, his support system, and he radiates with enthusiasm as a result.

His family ties have never been better, “Finally, I can keep up with my children now."

He proudly adds, "I’m very very happy now that I have an active and better lifestyle.

“Dati rati shopping lang di ko nasasabayan eh ngayon kayang kaya ko na.

“I feel more fit. Of course, I also sleep better now. I drink a lot of water. Ayoko na ma-stress.

“Now, my children and I travel together."

He says he and his son Luis Manzano will be traveling together again, "We’ve been to Lebanon, Dubai.”

Edu also relates that he has regular dinners with Luis and Angel Locsin.

When asked about Luis and Angel’s wedding plans, he answers, laughing, “No pressure. Bahala sila sa buhay nila.”

Seriously, he believes, “Walang karapatan na mag-comment doon sa love life ng mga anak kasi sila yung makakasama ng isa’t isa sa habang buhay.

“Let them decide. It comes when it comes.”





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