Bamboo and his thoughts about fashion

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Just before the contract-signing with the executives of Jag, Bamboo related that he and the denim brand have been collaborating since The Voice's first season. So far, “great partnership,” he said, and becoming its endorser is the “logical step.”

Bamboo had his mind set on music when he returned to the scene more than a decade ago.

But he is meant to do more and be more!

After his successful ventures as vocalist of the now-defunct Bamboo band and as a solo artist, a television career beckoned.

And on the heels of his stints as coach on The Voice and The Voice Kids are numerous endorsements—the most recent of which was with denim brand Jag, which hosted an intimate press launch for him yesterday, August 15.

“Ah, I don’t know,” he said when asked about the number of brands he’s endorsing at present.

“Hindi ko na maalala. But now that you’ve mentioned it, [I’ll start counting]. I never thought of that.”

Wearing a gray coat over his V-neck striped shirt, paired with jeans and boots, he seemed to defy the common look of a rock star.

The Kapamilya star threw in, “No, I don’t think so. That is the image people see of me, but that’s an image I never saw of myself.

“I’ve never seen myself as just…some show myself as the rock star, rock guy, [but] musically, it’s folk, it’s rock, it’s a mix!”

But he said he doesn’t really take offense whenever people describe him as that.

“I guess it just came because…I started out in a rock band,” referring to Rivermaya, which was launched to the mainstream music scene in the '90s.

Bamboo resumed, “But then, if you really listen to the stuff that the company puts up, the symbol, as they say, there’s also, always, rock feel, 'di ba, that sort of sound.

“[But] from day one, different kind of music and stuff—from R&B, whatever…”

How would Bamboo describe fashion? Is he meticulous about his choices of clothes? Here are his eight interesting thoughts about the topic.


1. Is he fashion conscious?

He replied right away, “Yeah, I do care about that in a sense na parang when I leave the house, a lot has to do with parang, ‘What character am I playing today?’

“Kasama yun e even for shows, even recording. Whatever I do, kasama yun, e.”

2. But he doesn't consider himself a "fashion guy."

"Even if I’m doing this [endorsing a brand], I’m just doing my thing. Like I said, just a natural progression of [my job]."

He admitted to being "choosy" as far as associating himself with brands is concerned, and his main requisite is, "I always have to feel like it’s a partnership, importante sa 'kin yun..."

3. Image, he said, is important in this industry so guess what he does before leaving the house or the dressing room or the backstage?

“I have to look in the mirror and say, ‘I think this is what I am today, this is what I feel like doing today.’ That’s what I do.”

4. Choosing what to wear is like portraying different characters.

“…some days, I just feel bad, you know what I mean? When I say bad, bad.

"Some days, I feel like, you know, I feel like someone else. I know what I’m wearing at that time.

“Sometimes, I just don’t care. There are certain days na iba-iba lang, just different colors [or anything] goes for me.”

5. Is he the one styling himself?

“From home and usually for my shows, I usually [style] myself.

“But for TV shows, I have a stylist kasi that’s just too much work for me if I have to think about [what I should wear].”

6. He's not shy about stating his discomfort over his outfit. What does he tell his stylist?

He responded, matter-of-factly, "I look awful that day, can you please fix that?"


7. On a regular day, how would he describe his wardrobe?

“I’m just…it differs, pretty simple, it’s whatever I feel. If I feel a little happy today, whatever...

“…it reflects what I wear, ganun lang yun…but pretty basic.

“I like wearing the same, like I have the same shirts, when it comes to T-shirts, I have the same T-shirts I’ve been wearing for the past years.

“I have my favorites, I still keep them.”

8. What his most favorite fashion item?

He picked, “…the Michael Jordan shirt and five other shirts I still wear from time to time, like a plain black shirt I just wear maybe once a month. I’m just that kind of guy.”

Bonus question: how does he stay fit?

Smiling, he answered, “The Voice,” elaborating that he gets only “five hours” of sleep sometimes because of the show.





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