James Reid and Nadine Lustre on keeping fit and enjoying it

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Nadine Lustre also shares her skin care routine: "All the time, every month, body scrub and lotion palagi, that’s it."

“No, I can’t diet,” Nadine Lustre admitted.

She explained that she can’t stick to a “strict diet” because she “just loves food.”

She works out to maintain her trim figure, “I do boxing. I work out.

"But I can’t like not eat rice or anything, yung bawal salty foods, and all. I can’t.”

On the other hand, the sculpted body of James Reid is a result of his eating regimen.

“It’s seventy percent diet,” the 21-year-old actor revealed.

Nadine and James are the lead stars of Talk Back and You're Dead together with Joseph Marco.

James said he does not eat rice, "I mostly eat food that is high in protein and a lot of good carbs.

“Me and Joseph, we eat a lot of cereal on the set because it’s good for you, it’s better than rice.

Joseph would bring cereal on the set, so we eat a lot of cereal.”

For exercise, James said he prefers lifting over cardio.

“I never do cardio. I already have a fast metabolism so I’m naturally thin. But I lift weights.”

James was asked by the press during the premiere of Talk Back and You're Dead last August 20 at the Trinoma Cinema whether he is ready to “show more skin” after going “topless” in the movie.

“I’m just giving the fans what they want,” the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010 winner quickly answered.

“But I think so far I’m showing a lot of skin already.

"Personally, I don’t think so. I do have limits. That’s my limit for now. I’m only 21,” James further explained.

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