Tim Yap shares the secret behind his crowning glory

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Heeding the advice of Kim Atienza, Tim Yap tried a scalp lotion that he swears has helped immensely in giving him "moisture retention in hair and scalp, visually vibrant hair, and dandruff-and-itch-free scalp."

How does he do it?

How does Tim Yap look good despite his hectic schedule and late night work as host/eventologist/columnist/part-owner of an after-dark hot spot?

In a recent photo shoot for his newest endorsement, Novuhair, he reveals: “Maintaining a positive outlook in life is part of my regimen to stay fit and fabulous.

“I really believe that everything starts from within. Everything else follows if you have a sound mind and body.”

Tim lists three non-negotiables when it comes to his grooming routine:

1) Body

"I try to consume a lot of fish and vegetables. I work out at least thrice a week. My job entails long hours attending events and parties. I need to balance everything by making sure that I take care of my body.”

2) Skin

"I make sure that I regularly moisturize my skin. To protect it from the harmful effects of the sun, I always apply sunblock when I leave the house.”

3) Hair

Being a jack of all trades, Tim has tried all possible hairstyles—long, short, wavy, dyed, fringed, shorn—to suit his mercurial moods and diverse activities.

The constant and drastic changes in hairstyle have not been good or kind to his hair.

Trusting Kim Atienza's informed recommendation, Tim has tried a Scalp Lotion the Showtime host is endorsing.

Massaging his scalp and hair roots with the lotion, Tim likes its relaxing feel and menthol fragrance.

The result? Moisture retention in hair and scalp, visually vibrant hair, and dandruff-and-itch-free scalp.

After just two weeks of use, he says his hair is visibly thicker and fuller, as well as stronger and healthier.

“My hair is my statement. My style—bold, never bald,” says Tim.

And that’s how Tim looks good from head to toe.





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