Patti Grandidge on being confident in your own skin

Patti Grandidge has learned to shake off her insecurities, face up to life's battles, change her attitude from negative to positive, and the happy result is all over her face.

Despite being one of the prettiest and freshest faces on television, TV host and entrepreneur Patti Grandidge revealed she used to suffer from dry and sensitive skin.

Patti was at the Physiogel “Free in My Skin Movement” movement launch at the Makati Shangri-la Tuesday last week, September 9, where she talked about gaining the confidence to free herself from insecurities and pressure.

“We used to travel a lot when I was younger and getting exposed to different climates took a toll on my skin, making it sensitive, itchy, red and dry.

"This made me quite insecure, and in the business I am in, it is always about first impressions,” she said.

NOT PERFECT. In a “Free in Your Skin” webisode Patti confided, “I’m definitely not perfect, I have my own insecurities.

"I deal with my own battles and my own issues and some people don’t know that.

"You know just certain times when I felt like I couldn’t be totally free.”


She also narrated the emotional culprits that held her back, “I do put pressure on myself, sometimes it gets to you.

"Sometimes you feel insecure and it’s really taking a toll on my skin.

"Sometimes it comes out in my skin, the redness, the dryness and sometimes itchiness.

Patti has since learned to overcome her insecurities and being a public figure, she knew she had to start with improving her skin.

“Unlike ordinary moisturizers I used before, Physiogel® made my skin less sensitive and dry. My skin became so much softer, smoother and definitely healthier.”

A SENSE OF FULFILLMENT. Things fell into place once Patti got around to taking care of her skin and gaining that take-charge attitude she needed. “What happened at my wedding was they definitely envisioned me and Jon [Herrera] getting married in a church and I’ve always envisioned a beach wedding.

“So during my wedding planning process, I had to take charge and make my own decisions. Just go for it and not be afraid.


“It really is a sweet feeling knowing that I’m in charge of my life.

"You feel like nothing’s holding you back. There’s a sense of fulfillment, yes I did it.

"This is what I wanted. This is how it’s gonna be."

In what ways does Patti feel truly free and confident in her skin?

“I’m free in my skin because I’m the best version of me as I know how to be.

"When you have good skin, you feel good. You feel confident, you’re like, I can do thi.

"And that’s like one of the best feelings, just to feel free, and you really can conquer anything that you set your mind to do."


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